November 29, 2015

Voice of the Carolina Panthers Mick Mixon (AUDIO) 11-11-13

Carolina PanthersIts Monday again and our good friend Mick Mixon, the voice of the Carolina Panthers, joined us to breakdown the Panthers game Sunday against the San Fransisco 49ers at Candlestick Park.

Being the go-to guy for highlights and standout moments for each game, Mick Mixon’s post game analysis provides our listenership the reaction to Panthers football they deserve.

The Panthers were involved in a battle between two of the top defenses in the league, and scored one more point than 9ers to earn the victory.  Their 10-9 victory over the 49ers yesterday extended Carolina’s winning streak to five games, and also halted the defending NFC champions streak at four.

AUDIO: Mick Mixon [5:31]

The Panthers will take the field again Next Monday night when they welcome the New England Patriots to Bank of America Stadium.


Who Dat? A Saints fan almost officiated the Saints-Panthers game

The NFL frowns upon replacement refs working games involving their favorite team

It turns out Brian Stropolo’s dream of officiating a game involving his favorite NFL team just wasn’t to be Sunday. Stropolo was slated to be the side judge in Sunday’s Panthers-Saints game in Charlotte, but the league removed him from the crew after it was discovered Stropolo was a fan of the Saints.

How did he get busted? Facebook, of course. Stropolo had pictures of him in Saints gear on his page and there were even comments from his friends amazed he was going to be working a Saints game.

Making matters worse for Stropolo is the fact the Panthers won the game.  Maybe he could have changed things for his favorite team?

Now might be a good time for the NFL to go ahead and pay the real refs whatever they want so we can be done with this kind of nonsense.


The Saints had a bounty on Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (VIDEO)

Former Auburn and current Panther quarterback Cam Newton had a price on his head

The NFL came down hard on the New Orleans Saints today. By now you’ve heard head coach Sean Payton has been suspended for year as part of the punishment for the team’s bounty program.  Today the NFL also revealed the names of specific quarterbacks the Saints players targeted. One of those listed is none other than Panthers QB Cam Newton.

Newton of course was not injured in the game, but Saints defensive lineman Turk McBride was flagged for an illegal hit on the rookie signal caller. McBride was flagged when he went high on a blow to Newton in the game in Charlotte.  You can check out the hit below and judge for yourself what you think the intent was. 

Charlotte Observer reporter Joe Person points out the Saints were flagged for illegal hits on Newton three times last season.

The NFL is expected to hand down suspensions for the players in the near future.  This could be a game changer in terms of the battle for the NFC South next season.


SportsTalk Rewind 11.14.11: Mick Mixon of Panthers Radio (AUDIO)

Every Monday, we catch up with Panthers play-by-play guy, Mick Mixon, to discuss Sundays action with Carolina.  The Panthers are coming off of what could be there most abysmal performance of the season.  They took a 30-3 shellacking at the hands of the Tennessee Titans at home.  Mick was pleased with the national anthem, the flyover, amongst other things.  Then, the game started.

AUDIO: Mick Mixon

SportsTalk Rewind 10.31.11: Mick Mixon of Panthers Radio

To better provide  our listenership with the Carolina Panthers coverage and analysis they deserve, we welcome into the program Panthers play-by-play guy, Mick Mixon, every Monday night.  Tonight, Mick breaks down the Panthers 24-21  loss to the Minnesota Vikings yesterday in Charlotte.  We talk close losses on the season in general, and find out how much money Mick is willing to lose to talk bad about the refs.

AUDIO: Mick Mixon