November 27, 2015

Dabo Swinney cracks the seal on Tigers preseason camp (VIDEO)

Clemson opened its preseason camp Friday and before the Tigers hit the field for their first practice Dabo Swinney chatted up the media to breakdown the fall camp and the fast approaching season.  Swinney, like the rest of us, is super pumped about the prospect that college football season is right around the corner. You can watch and listen to all of Dabo’s remarks in the video below.

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  1. Please ask Dabo why he changed his mind on paying players! …
    Why wasn’t Dabo for it ….before he was against it?
    Are people from Mars just cowards?
    If Pluto were a planet….would we have to say their inhabitants would be considered brave for having the courage of their convictions…like Spurrier in 2011?
    In 2011, 2012, & 2013…Dabo had a chance to agree with Spurrier about paying players a stipend..
    why didn’t he?
    If Dabo and other had joined Spurrier…is it possible that player would be receiving benefits now?
    Could Dabo please comment on following statement he made….does he feel accountable for them?
    “We have enough entitlement in this country as it is. To say these guys get nothing totally devalues an education”
    See other quotes below!
    Swinney’s program is as big as any other out there. However, the coach does not believe student-athletes should be treated like professionals. He pointed to his own experience for an example.
    “I went to school on student loans and (federal) Pell Grants (for students in financial need),” Swinney said. “When I got out of college, I owed $32,000, and I got put on scholarship (eventually). So I’m against professionalizing college athletics. We have that — that’s called the NFL, arena league, CFL.
    “To me, college athletics are a privilege.”
    Swinney, the youngest of three boys, was the first to graduate from college. He walked onto the Alabama football team, which is why he needed student loans when he first stepped foot on campus.
    “I’m not for diminishing the value of an education,” Swinney said. “Football was great, opened up a lot of opportunities for me. But my education is why I’m sitting here.”

  2. Sir Charles V says:

    Lord have mercy. I would hate to be locked in a room with Corch Swinney. Dat boy sho nuff do love to hear himself talk. That’s why his mama kicked him out of the bed, he talks in his sleep too. He was the reason Forrest Gump ran so fast at Bama. Forrest found out that Swinney was going to be rooming with him so he tried to run as fast as he could to Auburn. Turrible, just turrible.
    By the way, I thought Pluto was a dog.