November 25, 2015

The chain of events that led to tension in the USC-Clemson game (VIDEO)

Here are a sequence of Vine videos from 107.5 The Game  host Michael Haney’s Twitter Feed @Haney1075, and worth a follow) that show the series of events that lead to some fireworks and frustration in the 9th inning of a 10-2 USC win over Clemson in Greenville.

To the Vines…

Part 1: The play at the plate.

Part 2: Jack Leggett comes out to argue and appears to make contact with his catcher and instruct a throw.

Part three: Okey throws to Baum, who tags out Mooney, and then appears to say something to Mooney. Sammy Esposito is clearly not happy.  

Part 4: Read lips at your own risk.

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  1. play like that has more of an impact when your up 10-2… but when your down 10-2 is rings hollow and implies an air of frustration due to losing 22 of the last 30 to Carolina

  2. Leggett was saying ” I wish I was coaching USC instead of these losers!”

  3. And the USC players were saying, “I’m glad Leggett coaches at Clemson instead of USC.”

  4. so is the fact that Jack touched his player in the middle of play illegal? Shouldn’t he have called a time out or game play stop????

  5. Impressive Vine-age K-Mac

  6. CountryBoy says:

    The “C” in clemtech stands for “classless”.
    I’ve never seen such a giddy bunch of boys while losing 10-2

  7. Fat Sam says:

    South Carolina’s third base coach seemed to escalate things here. He should have taken the high road and separated the players rather than jawing at Baum and adding to the fireworks.

  8. Leggett “appears” to make contact with his player and directs him where to throw???? Let’s not get all PC here. Leggett DID do all that. This is the same coach that runs down the 3rd base line with his players as they are trying to score. Why did the ACC ump just sit back and watch?

  9. Once Baum stood over Caldwell all bets were off.USC’s 3rd base coach didn’t do enough,someone should have knocked the unearned smirk off of Baums tater mug.I guess since his tiggers dont have talent Leggett just coaches players to be whiney losers.

  10. I guess when you been dominated so much its going to come out. The home plate umpire was terrible .

  11. West is Best says:

    The real “USC” is in California.

  12. I remember in the Football Brawl (was it 2004?)…Bobby Williamson punched Syvelle Newton as Newton was pinned down under the pile.
    Clemson has been dirty for a while. This is just another case of it.

  13. To “west is best”__ Stay out west. STAY AWAY FROM THE SOUTH!!!!

  14. Hootie048 says:

    Like West said the real USCvmaybe in California, but the other USC has beaten you sorry asses 3 games in baseball and the last 5 year in football so what do you have to say now climpson loser???

  15. The “Real Clemson” is in Clemson. Once again they have shown who they really are by the way they compete. It must be tough to lose, but even tougher for fans when done with such a lack of class. Wait, maybe this is consistent with the way Clemson fan behave as well.

  16. Ron Gamecock says:

    To West is Best: 1. We were a university before you were a state. 2. You are merely a university of a part of a state. 3. The End.

  17. Scott Davis says:

    Looks like coach tells catcher to back up, then tells him hes going

  18. Scott Davis says:

    Third base umpire does great job walking third baseman that started it back to dugout, Base umpire did same with hitter that was mouthing off

  19. In fact, we were USC awarding doctorates when California was still part of Mexico.

  20. bouknight says:

    the kid that clemson had on the mound sunday that blew there lead was a p.o.s. too. at first I thought he had thrown his first strike out ever and then I realized he was just an a-hole. I believe his name was Schmidt. it was a thing of beauty to watch him blow that lead and tuck his tail between his legs. so arrogant.