April 24, 2014

Here’s the dashboard camera video of the Jadeveon Clowney traffic stop (VIDEO)

A lot of people have been asking to see this, so here it is. We present the dashboard camera video of Jadeveon Clowney’s traffic stop after he was caught  for driving 110 miles per hour in a 70 zone on Interstate 77 Saturday night. The State newspaper  has a good recap of the video if you don’t have time to watch it all.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy.



  1. As a Carolina graduate and a life long Clemson fan, I am glad the Gamecock graduates aloud The State to request the video. I like listening to you guys butthe one thing that discredits you is your inability to reveal your true allegiance. I grew up a Clemson fan and went to Carolina due to a car accident and I never changed allegiance. You guys can’t tell me with an honest face that if you willing chose to go to USC that you did not pull for the gamecocks when you were there! Like I said, you guys try to call it down the middle but you refuse to admit your true allegiance. I wonder if you were before your maker if you would actually declare!

  2. Edward, so Sportstalk is partial to Carolina because they posted Clowney getting pulled over? Are you jealous of the fact ESPN and every major sports outlet has this story on their front page too? Last I checked, Clowney is big news whatever he does so get over it. Maybe it would make you feel better if Sportstalk posted Tajhi getting pulled over in Kershaw County because Clowney gets more pub than him.

  3. I think it would be a lot more amusing to see Phil Kornblut choking on a turkey bone. I’d get out my popcorn for that.