April 23, 2014

You’ve got to hear Swinney and Meyer talk about the Orange Bowl (AUDIO)

Dabo Swinney is excited about a second trip to the Orange Bowl.

Dabo Swinney is excited about a second trip to the Orange Bowl.

Dabo Swinney and Urban Meyer were on a conference call Sunday night to discuss their bid to the upcoming Orange Bowl.  We’ve copy and pasted some of our tweets from the call, but we encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to the telling tone and content from both head coaches we’ve provided as well. This should be an interesting matchup in South Florida.

  • Ohio State will be the home team in the Orange bowl by virtue of their higher ranking.
  • Urban Meyer says Ohio State is excited to be in the Orange Bowl. He does so in the most unexcited tone possible.
  • Dabo Swinney says the fact they are in the Orange Bowl for the second time in three years is another sign of the strides the program has made in terms of consistency.
  • Urban Meyer says his team is heartbroken, but adds they are competitors and looking forward to playing Clemson.
  • Dabo Swinney calls Urban Meyer “a great winner.” Points out Ohio State has only lost once since he took over.
  • Swinney says this is only the second BCS bowl they’ve played in and it is important they play well and represent the ACC well.
  • Swinney says Ohio State very well may be the best team in the country.
  • Swinney said you get what you earn. Cites fact Clemson is the only ACC team that has won 10 games each of the past three years.
  • Swinney says all of their key players should be good to go for the game. Said a few players had minor surgery. Would not reveal them.
  • Swinney said the last trip to Miami was a “great trip” and they “had great preparation and great practice”. “We just turned the ball over.”

AUDIO: Orange Bowl conference call: [16:00]



  1. “We just turned the ball over.” Can’t spell exCUse without CU.

  2. let us know if you ever make a BCS bowl..

  3. Are you kidding me Ohio State has been the most overated team in college football all year long. Now according to Dumbo they are the best team in the country. Where does that put FSU after that 51-14 beat down they put on you????????

  4. Let us know if you ever learn the meaning of bragging rights…

  5. wes tanner says:

    Hey Joe, Clemson doesn’t deserve to be in a BCS bowl ya’ll got knocked out of the top 10,did’nt even go to the acc championship game,the only reason you got picked is the orange bowl had to pick an acc replacement for florida state. Clemson played a weak schedule. they played 3 good teams all year and you guys went 1-2.larry is right Ohio State is overated they haven’t played anyone all year and they have a weak defence.

  6. CountryBoy says:

    Why does it seem that Dabo is always trying to justify Clemson’s, or better yet, his Clemson’s, accomplishments? It seems that someone is constantly whispering in his ear that he’s being talked about being replaced. It almost rises to the level of paranoia.
    But, I’ll be a big Buckeye fan come January 3rd, and that’s hard to do, since I hate anything from Ohio, but not as much as anything from Clem-tech U

  7. Clemson has’nt beat a team ranked in the BCS top 20, all dabo does is make excuses for his team, I hope he stays at Clemson because USC OWNES HIM

  8. He Joe,let us know if your overrated,candyarse,slurpple and urange wimps ever EARN a BCS bowl invite.And stop ruining my name.

  9. Hey Joe, the only connection Clemson has to a BCS bowl is a record setter: 70-33. Congrats. In a few weeks, the everyone’s favorite line will be: “Ohio State just scored again”.

  10. the real ess says:

    Well, BCS bowl bound again. And still not even the best team in SC. Enjoy the extremely uneven matchup.

  11. Joe, let us know when you plan on beating Carolina again…we’re still waiting.

  12. I can understand why Clemson fans keep pulling out the BCS card. I mean, they deserved the bid more than USC, Missouri, Oklahoma State or Oregon, right? Their schedule was just as hard as any of these above, wasn’t it? It had absolutely nothing to do with the stupid 2 team per conference rules or travel distance, right? And South Carolina fans would easily trade the win against Clemson this year (or any of the last 5) for a chance to play in a BCS bowl, right? Getting your butt consistently beat against your rival, only playing 3 teams in the current top 25 and losing to two of them, or having your marquee win be at home against a team that finished 8-4 – none of that matters, right? You get bragging rights because you backed your way into the BCS. Yea, I get that.

  13. the real ess says:

    Dabo: Heck yeah, we’d live to play against the Big Least winner in The Orange Bowl…wait, WHAT!?!?!

  14. Urban vs Rural

  15. Lol @ all these Coot’s trying to make the strength of schedule argument. Last I checked, ya’ll lost to an unranked Tennessee team and that same Georgia team we beat just one week earlier. Say what you want about our schedule but we beat every unranked team by double digits while ya’ll struggled against Tenn, Kentucky, Vandy and Florida.

  16. Josh, what a lame argument. Most of the sorry EZZ teams you beat had a losing record. You can call Carolina out by losing to UT but you sound pretty dumb when you LOST to Carolina by two tds.