November 29, 2015

Kenny Miles apologizes for mistakes, denies doing anything criminal

Kenny Miles will be arrested for filing a false police report.

Kenny Miles will be arrested for filing a false police report.

Last week  former USC running back Kenny Miles was shot in Columbia, and he initially told police he was the victim of a robbery. The next day the Richland County Sheriff’s department debunked that claim. Today Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced Miles’ gunshot wound was self-inflicted. Lott said Miles will be charged with filing a false police report and arrested after he is physically recovered from the wound.  If convicted Miles could face up to five years in prison.

Miles issued a statement through his attorney:

Last week I made a big mistake by not being up front about how the shooting occurred. I was not involved in any criminal activity. However, I was scared and worried how my actions would be perceived. I only made matters worse by not telling the truth. I make no excuses for my behavior.

I would like apologize to Sheriff Leon Lott and the entire Richland County Sheriff’s Department; my employer, The Office of the Attorney General; my teammates and coaches; The University of South Carolina Community; friends; family; fans; and anyone else that I’ve disappointed.

I appreciate the support and prayers of the Gamecock Nation. I want you to know that I do not take your support lightly or for granted. I only hope that you will forgive me and allow me to earn your trust back over time.


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  1. Kevin

    I would like to know what your sources have to say about this. I don’t believe we can completely rule out drugs yet, but I think most people would say it was not drug related.

    Are you going to print a retraction?

  2. Kevin McCrarey says:

    Lisa, we stand by everything we have reported.

  3. Lisa, remember what I told you when this so call reporter published that crap. If not let me refresh your memory a little. I posted Lisa consider who was reporting his so call story from a “source”. If Kornblut really knew how many listeners he lost when he hired this guy he may have had 2nd thoughts. I do visit the site but NEVER listen to the show anymore. Just his voice makes me cringe, little alone his terrible knowledge about sport’s!

  4. Well Mark, I listen. You should. Your loss

  5. Kevin, I feel sure Kenny was dug tested when he went to the hospital for his wound. After misleading law enforcement about what happened I’m sure if results had come back positive we would have been informed. I believe I would question your source the next time he brings you his opinion, which obviously it was.

  6. Robb Meister says:

    So, let me get this straight. He shot himself, but KMac contends it was drug related? I’m a tad confused here.