November 28, 2015

Tweet that?!?! USC offensive line coach takes a shot at Clemson

We mentioned this in our SportsTalk at the Stadium feature, but just in case you missed it here is the tweet USC offensive line coach Shawn Elliott decided to send late in the fourth quarter of Clemson’s 51-14 loss to Florida State. You know, I am all for some barb trading in the rivalry, but timing is everything. Is it really smart to take a shot at your rival just hours after you were upset on the road? Furthermore,  a big reason why the Gamecocks lost is because they couldn’t pick up a first down in the fourth quarter, something Elliott’s offensive line had a pretty big part in. Regardless, Elliott felt compelled to “tweet that” last night and you can decide for yourself if you think it was a good idea or not.

Here is the tweet:

Elliott tweet


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  1. The whole bus thing is so over the top and melodramatic just like everything at Clemson. Their games are starting to resemble some kind of emo rock show instead of a football game with all the flashing lights and smoke all over the field. I wish you would admit that you are a Clemson fan for once and admit these comments offended you personally. You remind me of Chris Matthews denying that he is a liberal.

  2. Have to agree with Hayes. Seems ABC had a huge crush on clemson this year. Showing that once this season was novel. But everybody has an entrance. Personally, I think FSUs is the coolest thing in CFB. Hope they never change the mascot.

  3. He should have never tweeted, but the bus ride is way overated.

  4. Yet the clemmers have no problems with their coach scripting a rant/jab at the ENTIRE fan base and everything associated with USC after losing to the team he is jabbing, not to mention the “rant” was based on something the rivals’ coach never said. Tough loss for the clemmers, yes USC lost to Tenn….on the road, by 2, in front of 100k +, but clem……

  5. Grovetown says:

    It’s funny that the school whose only tradition is losing is the ones so jealous! Sorry yalls school sucks so bad at everything. The don’t call you USuC for nothing

  6. Last I checked USC has bragging rights over Clem 4 years in a row. So maybe it’s Clem that sucks at everything, Grovetown. If Tenn fans want to talk trash to USC fans that makes sense, but Clem fans….not so much. And the bus ride was silly…doesnt matter who tweets about it.

  7. Grovetown says:

    Hey Dave go recharge your fire extinguisher and see if espn wants to film that! Haha!! USuC

  8. Funny, I don’t remember mentioning any fire extinguishers . Of course if ESPN did ask my opinion on filming that I would have sense enough to tell them it’s a bad idea. I am not an idiot like Dabo. And your game was on ABC ( try to keep up). The USuC thing is very clever by the way. You really put me in my place. I’m sure one of these years Clem might actually win a game againt USC and it would make sense rather than be unintentionally funny.

  9. Dabo..ClimPsun runs a program off of pure hype and an EZZ conf schedule. He is never held accountable for the excuses he & his staff give….Ever heard Shawn Elliot give excuses? No….
    ” Grow up” SC media,,,,,access to Dabo & his staff is important but not at the expense of defending a program that is clearly in over its head along both lines of scrimmage….undisciplined and where 5 star recruits go to fade away,!

  10. Grovetown says:

    What was Tennessee ranked? That’s what I thought you still USuC!! And it’s so funny how jealous USuC fans are of Dabo!

  11. not so fast says:

    Hey Grovetown!
    Where were all the teams climpson beat up on rated? We don’t need anymore cheerleaders like dumbo gumbo is. Best thing for you to do is shut up and realize climpson is not the greatest thing in the world. I see climpson players are too lazy to walk to the game ,so dumbo gave them a ride.Oh maybe Sammy should keep his mouth shut, didn’t he say Fla State was going to paid??LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLO. By the way also I said before the season your high school team was going to lose 3 games this year no championship for boyd,he should have left when he had a chance to no ring for him or loud mouth dumbo gumbo and his pink ladies

  12. Hey grovetown, how can you say usc sucks at everything. Last time I checked USC spanked you guys out of the CWS 4 times and won back to back. WE closed rosenblat and opened up ameritrade and when it comes to the post season we ALWAYS beat CLEMSUX.

  13. What does Tenn’s rank have to do with Clem losing to USC ever year? Why do you keep talking about Tenn? Are you living vicariously through Tenn or just slow? And why exactly would anyone be jealous of Dabo? Generally teams don’t envy teams they beat.

  14. Awwww!! Just look at all the jealous people! It’s OK you got beat by Tennessee that’s nothing new for yall. Why are yall so worried about our schedule! I mean really who is it you play besides The mighty Clemson Tigers! Guess what you got 3 more loses coming!! Hahaha

  15. USC beats Clem every year. I could not care less about your schedule.