November 30, 2015

Jadeveon Clowney downplays all of the conditioning talk (AUDIO)

Jadeveon Clowney didn't record a sack against the Tar Heels.

Jadeveon Clowney didn’t record a sack against the Tar Heels.

The topic of the night it in Columbia it seemed was all about Jadeveon Clowney and how gassed, winded, and exhausted he was in USC’s opener against North Carolina. Steve Spurrier said Clowney was tired. Lorenzo Ward said it could have been something he ate. The folks at ESPN pointed his fatigue out multiple times during the broadcast.  Fans on Twitter said he was taking plays off.Clowney finished with just three tackles, three quarterback hurries and no sacks.

So…what was going with the guy who has spent the past eight months being hyped to mythical proportions in the national media?

When Clowney walked into the media room he knew what the questions were going to be before he even took a seat.  Before anyone could ask he started talking about his conditioning. Take a listen below to find out his take on being winded during the game and how he ranks North Carolina tackle James Hurst.

AUDIO: Jadeveon Clowney [5:00]

Clowney finished with three tackles and three quarterback hurries and zero sacks.

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  1. LOL…

  2. It was the first game of the year and it started at an unsual time when it was still very hot . They said 92 and would feel like 100. I’d like to see Jesse Palmer out there playing as fast as NC was going in that heat. What D end is not going to take plays off at that pace and in that heat?

  3. 27-10; 1-0….important.

  4. Louis Fennell says:

    Mythical?? This website and radio program sure has changed after 20 years