April 18, 2014

In case you are wondering, Darrin Horn is skiing in Utah this week

Thanks, USC. Darrin Horn enjoys a day on the slopes in Utah.

Thanks, USC. Darrin Horn enjoys a day on the slopes in Utah.

Life as a fired basketball coach doesn’t seem half bad. Darrin Horn spent four years at USC ”building a program” er, running the program into the ground. Eventually USC decided it had seen enough and decided to pay him a 2.4 million dollar buyout to stop coaching. These days Horn spends his time tweeting about basketball, sharing his bubbly personality on television broadcasts and, of course, spending that money USC paid him to go away.

What is he doing now? Just this:

@Darrin_Horn Good day in Park City,UT 1st time skiing-lots of falls & getting passed by kids early but had a smooth run to end day

That tweet had the picture you see above attached to it. I can’t be certain, but that sure does look like a USC Under Armour jacket he is wearing on the slopes? Hat tip for rocking swag from the school that fired you. I suppose there is no reason for hard feelings when said school is still paying you millions of dollars to ski.



  1. bballcock says:

    Let’s hope he face plants in some yellow snow.