December 1, 2015

Clemson opens fancy new indoor facility, Steve Spurrier is not impressed (AUDIO)

Clemson's new indoor facility top notch. (Photo from IPTAY Media)

Clemson’s new indoor facility top notch. (Photo from IPTAY Media)

Just because it is January and we have 11 months until they meet again on the field we thought we would pass along the latest in the Steve Spurrier vs Dabo Swinney battle of words. You probably missed it because relatively speaking it was small compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen in the past. These two have shared some high-profile verbal haymakers over the past year or so and we can only hope and pray we get more of that in the months to come. Even so, often there are still distinct, yet subtle bits of needling between these two that is easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

Lucky for you we are always paying attention. Here’s the latest:

Clemson unveiled its swanky new indoor practice facility last week. If you haven’t seen it yet, go take a look at some of the pictures. It is really impressive. Anyway, this past Friday Dabo Swinney and Athletic Director Dan Radakovich brought the media in to show off the new facility and they said the standard things about how it top-notch and first, and will help with recruiting , and also help bring the program to the next level. It was your standard ribbon cutting. Nothing out of the ordinary.

AUDIO: Dabo Swinney on Tigers new indoor practice facility [6:36]

Flash forward to the next day.  At halftime of the USC basketball game, just before he gave 200 dollars to a couple of reporters for answering a trivia question, Steve Spurrier was asked if he thought Clemson’s new indoor facility would be an advantage for the Tigers.

“You know we don’t brag about that as much as much as some people do,” Spurrier said. The new indoor place that we’re going to build almost everyone has one and we’re getting in line. I think we practiced indoors two to three days last year. That’s all. The weather here is so good. But it’s good to have one. It’s good to have one in the winter time. And really you have one because everyone else has one.”

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier on Clemson’s new indoor practice facility [:23]

Sensing Spurrier might be willing to go from subtle jab to full on verbal jousting, a reporter followed up with a question to Spurrier about whether or not he had ever lifted up a sideline reporter after a win. The Head Ball Coach didn’t take the bait.

“No I don’t think I’ve ever done that,” Spurrier said. No, I try to keep them in perspective as much as I can.”

Okay Dabo, your turn.

To be continued…

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  1. Countryboy says:

    In Dabo’s typical ADHD, he’ll be along in just a little while…. He’s probably somewhere throwing something

  2. I’m sorry, bragging is all Spurrier does when he mentions “that upstate school”. Ain’t nothing in Williams Brice to brag about in my opinion.

  3. M. Baker…that’s cute.

  4. The fact WB is in a city and not in the boondocks is one reason to brag,dabos rod.The fact that real football and not pansy arse a-she-ahe twinkyball is played there is another reason to brag.

  5. Phil Cornpoot says:

    Waiting on Dabo? Way to take the focus off of Spurrier being a douchebag Kmac and Countryboy..AKA.. Phil

  6. Countryboy says:

    I beg your pardon??!?!

  7. Chicken football will always be chicken football!!

  8. Countryboy says:

    Phases of hate: You beat them, beat them, and beat them, they acknowledge it, seem to accept it, then it starts sinking in and the burn of it all causes the hatred to start to rise. There’s a slight discontent, then vocal depreciation, then perhaps vandalism, mayhem, etc. All at the same time, they’ll lash out at what’s really causing it all; their own team, coach, board of directors, fan base club. Won’t be long til Dabo, et al will be gone.