July 28, 2015

State legislature considering two bills regarding SCHSL

sc high school leagueA source with direct knowledge of the developments said Tuesday  the education committee of the State Legislature is focused on two bills regarding the South Carolina High School League.

One bill calls for the High School League to fall under the direction of the State Department of Education.  The other bill would create an oversight panel to review decisions made by the League and its executive committee.

The action in the legislature stems from the controversy over the executive committee’s decision remove  Goose Creek from last year’s 4A-Division 2 playoffs for using an ineligible player.

Also, a source said Tuesday a fourth realignment proposal to be presented to the executive committee is in the works.  This one would call for the state’s four classes to be divided into four ten team regions.  The teams would play round-robin schedules, so nine football games and 18 basketball games would already be set for each school.  The proposal calls for the top four teams in each region to advance to the playoffs.

The other proposals call for leaving the system as it is,  dividing the schools into three classes with two divisions in each class, s, and slicing the state into five classes of 40 teams each with one champion in football crowed in each class.

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