July 28, 2014

Two players leaving the Clemson football team

Lateek Townsend

Lateek Townsend

A pair of reserve defensive players are reportedly leaving the Clemson football team. Wednesday news broke that defensive back Cortez Davis was transferring. Thursday reports came out indicating sophomore linebacker Lateek Townsend was also exiting the program.

Davis and Townsend are another reminder of why one shouldn’t put too much stock in recruiting rankings until players get on campus and start contributing.  Davis played in all 13 games for the Tigers last season. He finished with 18 tackles. Several recruiting rankings listed him as one of the top defensive backs in the country. He was recruited by former defensive backs coach Charlie Harbison. 

Townsend, who was a highly touted All-American out of Marlboro County High School, finished last season with just 10 tackles in his reserve role. He missed a portion of his freshman season because of an NCAA issue and was never able to settle into the regular rotation on defense under new defensive coordinator Brent Venables.



  1. If Townsend had chosen USC instead of acting like a game-playing tool in 2011, he’d be preparing for the League instead of begging for a spot somewhere.

  2. Countryboy says:

    Why is this story so incomplete? Will IpTay not answer your questions?

  3. Rats leaving a sinking ship!

  4. Remember all the flack the Clemson fans have been giving Spurrier for years for cutting players? Now it’s acceptable lol. As far as Townsend, how many of those “elite” four and five star linebackers Clemson signed a couple years ago have been a bust? Townsend, Steward, Anthony, Parker. The list goes on.

  5. As a lifelong Clemson fan, I really enjoy gamecock fans talking smack about the tigers. When South Carolina actually does something in football besides beat Clemson, then I will be impressed. GO TIGERS!!

  6. Countryboy says:

    It’s gotten to the point where beating Clemtech is not doing “something”, and as long as you’re blinded by the bright light coming from Pickens, you’ll never be impressed with anything, except the bright light.