December 1, 2015

The final polls are in, here’s how USC and Clemson finished

Clemson finsished with its highest ranking since 1991, but didn't leap rival USC

Clemson finsished with its highest ranking since 1991, but didn’t leap rival USC

USC (11-2) is ranked 8th in the final AP poll of the season. That is the higest final ranking in the school’s history. Clemson (11-2) finished just outside of the top ten at number 11. Alabama was the top team followed by Oregon, Ohio State and Notre Dame fourth.. Georgia and Texas A&M finished tied for fifth.

Stanford was ranked just ahead of the Gamecocks at 7th, Florida was ninth and Florida State, the top ranked ACC team and Orange Bowl Champion, was 10th.

Both the USC and Clemson are ranked in the top 10 of the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll. The Gamecocks are 7th in that ranking and the Tigers are 9th. The number nine spot gives Clemson its first top 10 finish in a poll since the 1991 season.

The Coaches’ poll has Alabama, Oregon and Notre Dame as its top three teams. Georgia and Texas A&M round out the top five.

Stanford was 6th, followed by the Gamecocks, Florida State, Clemson, and Florida.

The SEC finished with seven teams ranked in the top 25 in the both polls: Bama, Georgia, Texas A&M, USC, Florida, LSU and Vanderbilt. Clemson and Florida State are the only ACC teams ranked in the final polls.

If that’s not enough polls for you USA Today has decided it isn’t too early to post preseason 2013 ranking.  Clemson is 12th in that poll, USC is 14th. They went out on a limb and picked Alabama first.

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  1. Funny. Florida dropped 6 spots after losing to Louisville because Louisville doesn’t have the respect of the media. The media knows what kind of conference they play in. LSU loses to clempson and guess how many they drop? Yep, 6 spots. Guess the media is finally realizing the smoke and mirrors associated with clempson and the ACC.