November 27, 2015

Robert Nkemdiche is not impressed with your recruiting questions (VIDEO)

 Robert Nkemdiche, the nation’s top ranked high school recruit and one time Clemson commitment and current Clemson de-commitment, seems really excited to discuss his endless recruiting saga. He’s playing in the Under Armor All-America game this weekend and some poor reporter was lucky enough to ask him the same recruiting questions he’s been answering for months now. It’s not the reporter’s fault, he’s just doing his job.  Nkemdiche did his best to answer the questions as unenthusiastically as possible while throwing down some soda and bites of food. 

For the record Nkemdiche, says he is still considering Clemson, Ole Miss and LSU. Most everyone expects him to end up at Ole Miss where is brother plays.

Hopefully you will enjoy this interview more than Nkemdiche enjoyed giving it.


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