November 24, 2015

Sanders leaning towards entering the draft

Ace Sanders may have played his final game in a USC uniform

Ace Sanders may have played his final game in a USC uniform

USC fans saw the best of junior receiver and punt returner Ace Sanders in Tuesday’s Outback Bowl victory over Michigan.  They may also have seen the last of him.

Sanders did not reveal his plans after the game saying he had some things to think about, but a source said Tuesday night Sanders is leaning towards entering the NFL Draft unless he gets an unfavorable grade back from the NFL Draft Advisory Board.  The source said Sanders is hearing he could be a third round pick at this point.

Sanders was named the outstanding offensive player in the bowl game.  He returned a punt 63 yards four a touchdown and had 9 catches for 92 yards and two more touchdowns.

For the season Sanders finished with 45 catches for 501 yards and 9 touchdowns.  He also had two punt returns for scores.

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  1. Jennifer Holden says:

    I listen to Sport talk every night coming from work. One of the e-mails you mentioned was the tackle that Clowney made on Vincent Smith in the Michigan Bowl game. It wasn’t the way Clowney tackled him it was the rage of anger he tackled him in. He was mad and he didn’t deny this. I don’t believe I am the only one that thought he could have hurt Vincent bad the way he tackled while angry. It was the refs. not Vincent that made that call. Everyone thought it was awesome but if that had been their son being tackled in the rage of anger they wouldn’t have liked it. If you think about it, when people are that angry they don’t realize their strength. Thanks for listening.

  2. I’ll handle this one Phil….

    Dear Mrs. Holden,
    As a lifelong USC fan and graduate I was also very unsettled after viewing what was an obvious case of “tackling while angry” perpetrated by Jadaveon Clowney in yesterdays Outback Bowl. It was my sincere hope that Coach Ward had addressed this after the Clemson game in which our entire defense exhibited this propensity. In Mr. Clowney’s case I can only surmise it is the build up of frustration derived from being held, punched, tripped, spit on, pinched etc. over the last four months that leads to these outbursts. For any worried mothers I can only suggest that their sons play in the ACC to avoid this unpredictable hazard. Best Regards

  3. Let me shed some light on the situation for you Jennifer…..

    When a man gets speared in “the boys” on purpose and then gets laughed at by the perpetrator, a man tends to look for any opportunity to settle the score with the person that delivered said nut-shot.

    In other words, it was tit-for-tat for an intentional low blow that sidelined him earlier in the game. The blown call was just gasoline on the fire. I think it’s fantastic that Clowney kept his composure for over an hour and returned the favor in the most punishing way possible while still adhering to the rules of the game. From the looks of the Sugar Bowl, he should be giving lessons in proper behavior at Florida……

  4. If Mrs Holden watched the game maybe she would realize that Smith hit Clowney(helmet first )right in the family jewels.Its football ,and that happens,except Smith showed his complete lack of class by laughing when Clowney had to leave the game.If the Michigan coach teaches his players to play dirty then they deserve any and all slobberknockers they recieve.