November 30, 2015

Dabo Swinney takes over the top reactions to a new level (VIDEO)

Dabo Swinney and Clemson did the unthinkable: They beat an SEC team! They won the Chick-fil-A bowl! They showed America and the world that they were legit! This Clemson team can take down anyone, any time, any place. If you thought otherwise you were just plain wrong.

Swinney and the Tigers already knew this of course. Swinney himself has been saying for months, years even, that Clemson can play with and beat anyone. So when they knocked off the big, bad LSU Tigers it couldn’t have come as a surprise to him, right? It was a great win and worthy of a stoic but forceful “I told you so!” from Dabo, right? Wrong. Dabo full on WWE and even threw in some tears for good measure. If this the celebration you get for winning the Chick-fil-A bowl I’m almost afraid to see what happens if the Tigers win a BCS bowl game. The ESPN sideline reporter will probably have to take out a restraining order prior to kick off.

I’m not trying to rain on Clemson’s parade. That was a heck of a win, and it was extremely big in terms of shedding some labels about Clemson football and the ACC. But it is still just one game, and it’s the Chick-fil-A Bowl, not the BCS National Championship. Winning the game was big, but it doesn’t mean you’ve arrived as a power broker in college football. It means you won the Chick-fil-A Bowl. When Utah beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl or when Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl it didn’t mean those two programs were suddenly on pair with those two programs.

Swinney’s hugs and tears didn’t really exude an air of confidence about his program. If Clemson is ready to take the step forward as national championship contender as Swinney says it is, he might want to start acting like he’s been there before. Acting like you just won the Super Bowl after an upset in the Chick-fil-A Bowl seems a bit over the top. It certainly isn’t something you’d expect from a truly elite team.

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  1. I think that’s a bit unfair to Dabo. He’s an emotional guy. Not sure how this is any different than other “big wins” under Dabo. Everyone knows that rant. At VT in 2011 when he invited everyone to Clemson, then makes a crazy speech at the WestEndZone. ACCCG victory was full of emotion.

    That’s just who he is. It has nothing to do with having “been there before”. Just an emotional guy, and that’s why he’s a polarizing figure.

  2. Thought he handled himself with great class. He’s always been emotional and never shy of the microphone. But that’s just who he is.

    Just lives his life with a passion for what he does. I know I could learn a lot from him.

  3. Haha, he has no idea how many people laughed at him last night. Let’s see if Saban, Spurrier, Meyer, Miles act like that. What a child.

  4. I don’t know if you’ve been around Phil too long or what, but this “article” was uncalled for. You’re a negative person (and this is obvious to anyone that hears you on the radio), so I can understand that it’s hard to be on the same page as someone who is positive and has hope. The upside to him is that he doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks of him or his program. You’re simply a small man with a microphone and a pen. He’s a head football coach at a highly respected University. I think that he’s found the formula to success…and you?

  5. Dabo is simply a tool.

  6. I don’t think any of us can judge Dabo Swinney. Only someone who doesn’t know his life story would even try. I invite you to read his story:

  7. i agree with phil and u are such a clemson hater and don’t even try to say to are not. I have to listen to your every afternoon thinking you would once say something that’s not bias and you and phil are all the same . GO TIGERS

  8. Dabo is a little different. He gets carried away in his comments. Nothing wrong with being excited about the win though. Dabo has a habit of overstating things.

    National Championship team? No. You don’t lose 2 games, and lost your state rival game and all of a sudden be a national title team after beating LSU in a non BCS game.

  9. bill rock hill says:

    I wish you guys would get off Daboo’s back. I have heard nothing but criticism from you and kornblu. You call him a hyprocritic about recruiting; now this article. We at Clemson are the only one’s whose opinion of Daboo really matter. You guys should stick to what you are good and talk about the game and not personalities. Your show would be much better if you didn’t let your oblivious bias against Daboo interfere with your coverage. He is who he is and we at Clemson like his actions; and your opions don’t really matter.

  10. Dabo was happy for his players. He has an emotional stake in those guys and he has wanted a big for his seniors. In 2010 they lost a bowl game to some small fla. School and Dabo told the players i’ll fix this, so he went and hired Chad Morriss and the tigers recruited one of the best class of freshman in the country, won the ACC and got to a BCS game and were blown out due to defense. He told the players again I’m going to fix this part now he hires Brent Venebles who took an enite season to get his defense to come around and on New years Eve in the fourth qrtr against one of the best teams in the country the defense held LSU to 1 yard total in the 4th Qrtr. This was full circle and he was proud. Go Dabo!

  11. Glad most of the Country thinks Clemson is New Joisey Dabo is Tool. national Champs? How about National Chumps. Clemson is third in the state behind USC and Wofford.

  12. bobbydigital says:

    Just like that Barry; momentum is a great thing. Clemson at their best is a National Championship Team. And college football is all about recruiting. How does “we just barely won a non-BCS bowl game against an ok SEC team”? yeah come play for my school.

    And look at the fact that Notre Dame is playing for the national title and they barely beat a lot of teams. matter a fact they aren’t better than a lot of non-bcs bowl teams… Now what?

  13. andy ronemus says:

    Why do people get so upset Dabo shows some emotions when his teams wins. The idea is to win and they work very hard to make this happen. What is so great about a coach who shows no emotions? Not the coach I want to run my team.

  14. Ryan Russell says:

    If only you guys could show just a little of that emotion on your nightly boring radio show, it might actually be worth listening to for 2 hours….Bang on Dabo for being over the top? Really, that’s what you took from the entire night?…Just because the coach can’t stand you guys and could care less if you ever covered his team does not mean you lose your journalistic ethics…When I first read it, I was like, “oh come on kevin, you are better than this.” I guess was wrong…Everyone cannot be Spurrier or Saban…Thank God we’re not all the same….and, honestly, I think when he referred to a national championship team, he was referring to LSU, which was considered a title contender all season with wins over South Carolina and Texas A&M….i think some people in the media take themselves wayyyyy to seriously…especially that chick Tiffany who said on your show that she would sue Dabo if he picked her up and spun her around on the field…that’s why Tiffany should stay in the kitchen and off the sidelines…

  15. Articles really show how stupid haters are. Dabo made the same statement several tines before the game referencing LSU being a NC caliber team. Idiots cant even comprehend English and are insulting the guy and makibg themselves look really realy stupid. Most are USC fans which makes us look stupid. If you cant comprehend English dont make yourself look stupid.

  16. Are y’all dumb? He’s just emotional? This is his job not a beauty pageant and all this talk of SEC tough? Okay they beat Auburn at home and LSU In a bowl game. A great game by the way. However, South Carolina all but ran tajh out of death valley and they got embarrassed by FSU. They lost to 2 out of the three good teams they played this year. It’s time that Dabo get a handle on his emotions and treat it like a profession instead of a entry into American idol. This article isn’t unfair to Dabo it’s states the facts this was a chick fil a bowl not a bcs game. He quickly forgot the last bcs game he was in because already “they’re elite” again. Their defense is still a failure as we saw when nc state scored what 45 points on them. How did nc state do in their bowl game, honestly how did any ACC team do because all I’ve heard is that northern Illinois wasn’t looking too bad again the dynasty that never will be FSU. This is what Clemson has become accustomed to. Win one good game, get an upset victory and all of the sudden they’re national champions. Someone should tell Nick Saban he has to give the ball back. Clemson proved it could win a close game and tajh looked like a champ. Sadly dabo had to make sure he got more attention than all the players by blowing up the camera man. He does act like he hasn’t been there but certainly acts like he deserves something better every year. WVU proved they didn’t last year, South Carolina proved it this year, and every time dabo has one of his rants he solidifies that in the end he doesn’t know how to handle the spotlight that he craves oh so much.

  17. This is rediculous! I watched it many times and I think what this reporter (I use that loosely) and many of you are griping about is taken out of context. What he was saying is that Clemson is NC caliber team. Not putting them in the title game or winning it. He believes we have that potential and was happy we played to that level in this game, which we had not this year when we needed to. I think they are as with many other teams out there. He has said many times his goal is to be a top 10 or better team consistently. Its senseless for y’all to fault him for believing his team, or being excited about doing what no one thought they could in beating LSU. Even Clemson fans thought they would lose this game. And yes LSU is a NC caliber team too. Even tho after the game SEC fans want to downplay how good they are. they barely lost to Bama by 4, on a last drive, they beat A&M, beat SC, and lost 14-6 to Fla, they didn’t play Ga, but I think they could beat them. that puts them at 3rd best in the SEC, with the ones above them all very close. since the game SEC fans are saying as low as 6th, lol. months from now they’ll be 8th or 9th and so on. I love Dabo and happy he is reaching high and believing. GOOOO TIGERS! ALL IN!

  18. You said it in the 2nd paragraph…”stoic.” Um…Dabo isn’t stoic. And that’s not a bad thing. He isn’t arrogant either which is a quality I truly admire about him. You must have been looking for Spurrier. Negative. Dabo is a humble guy and I think humility and showing your emotions is clutch in a coach. He is a class act. So back off, bro.

  19. Really? Really? Are you really writing a bad article about a college football coach for celebrating a big win? You must have had nothing else to write about, so search for an issue or just make 1 up… so much for journalism these days. This was a great win for the TigerNation, that were underdogs going in. I didn’t hear not 1 person, say Clemson could win this game. We lost a couple games we should have won and our D play like crap most of the season. We stepped up on both sides of the ball and played like we are supposed to, and you feel the need to beat Dabo up about celebrating it OMG! Guess you’d rather he be like Saben who look constipated all the time and angry even when he’s winning, or Spurrier who most of the time I don’t know what he’s talking about. Dabo is a great coach and yes he’s emotional and I love it, and I hope he never changes. I am sure this crappy rag wont make him change his attitude.

  20. Tigerpride1991 says:

    At least Dabo doesn’t get mad like Sabin does even if we are winning 49-0 or throw his players under the bus like Spurrier did to Shaw after the LSU game. Just because a guy has passion and is excited for his players when they win doesn’t make him any less professional. It makes sense for a coach to show emotion and get excited for winning. Who wants to watch a coach that goes, “Well….ok……that was…..fine……time for next week……….” That’s boring, doesn’t get the players excited, doesn’t give them internal motivation or anything. But to be honest with you, Mr. McCrarey, I don’t think anyone here in Clemson really cares for what you have to say about Dabo. You don’t sign his pay check, you don’t go to the university, and you don’t really have anything connecting you to Clemson. He came from nothing in Alabama, worked his way up, and now his home is here in Clemson and we love to have him here and we are proud to say he is our coach.