December 1, 2015

Sammy says he’ll play bigger role in offense Monday night (AUDIO)

Watkins hopes to be major factor Monday night

One of the perplexing questions from Clemson’s loss to USC in the regular season finale was the lack of use of star receiver Sammy Watkins.  In terms of offensive touches, he had his fewest of the season, four, in that game.

All came on passes.

So, Watkins was not put in the Wildcat for the direct snap.  And he was not given the ball on jet sweeps.  These were plays used regularly by Chad Morris but were absent from the game plan for USC.

But Watkins said after Friday’s bowl practice at the Georgia Dome that won’t be the case in Monday night’s Chick-Fil-A Bowl game against LSU.  Watkins indicated he will once again be an integral part of the offense.

Running back Andre Ellington also  was asked about plans for getting Watkins more touches Monday night.  He responded with a sly smile and a wait and see kind of answer.

AUDIO: Sammy Watkins expects to get the ball [1:36]

AUDIO: Andre Ellington wants to shine in final game [3:45]

The Tigers will practice for the final time Saturday.  They are six point underdogs for Monday night’s game which will kickoff at 7:30 PM on ESPN.

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  1. The fact is Sammy isn’t that good when clemsux plays decent teams.Both he and Taj cannot handle a top 10 D.Their overrated stats came by whipping up on weak teams in the A She She.South Carolina shut both of these premodonnas down without much trouble.