November 29, 2015

It’s Dr. Lou to you: USC makes Lou Holtz a real Dr. (AUDIO)

Lou Holtz

Former USC coach Lou Holtz can legitimately call himself “Dr. Lou” now that he has an honorary doctorate degree in education from his former employer. Holtz was back in Columbia for just the second time since he stepped down from his coaching duties there Monday to make the commencement speech to the 2012 graduates.

While he was in town Holtz toured the campus and marveled at how much it has changed since his time at USC. He was especially impressed with the new “Megatron” at Williams-Brice Stadium and the Farmers Market conversion from what he described as a “third world country” to the plush parking area it is today.

Take a listen to what Dr. Lou had to say about USC below.

AUDIO: Lou Holtz shares thoughts on USC [2:47]

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  1. Country boy says:

    Hard to believe with all the criminals he recruited and the big fight at Clemson and the theft , hard to believe.

  2. Butt hurt taters everywhere you look!

  3. Doesn’t Dr Lou already have an honorary doctorate? I thought that’s where the bit came from. Surely Notre Dame didn’t leat us beat them to it.