November 27, 2015

SportsTalk Rewind 12:13:12: Sterling Predictions (AUDIO)

Missing college football yet?  Have no fear, College football bowl season will kick off this Saturday, taking us all the way through the next few weeks to the National Championship game in January.  We wouldn’t be doing our part if we didn’t have our prognosticator extraordinaire on the program to give us his picks.  Tonight Lee Sterling of Paramountsports joins us to provide us with some sterling predictions, bowl edition.

AUDIO:   Sterling Predictions [9:55]

Including the NFL pre-season, Lee has won an astounding 16 of 19 winning weeks.  Tonight he provides his picks involving “Johnny Football” vs Oklahoma, takes a look at Clemson in the Chicfila bowl and USC in the Outback bowl.  Finally Lee drops somewhat of a bomb concerning the national title game.

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