December 1, 2015

Report: Texas Tech AD in town to meet with Clemson’s Morris

Anderson Independent Mail reporter Greg Wallace tweeted this picture of the Texas Tech plane arriving in Anderson Tuesday

Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt is in Anderson and has confirmed to that he’s in town to interview Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris.  Hocutt told Anderson Independent Mail reporter Greg Wallace that he hopes to make a decision as quickly as possible, but will also make sure he doesn’t rush the hire.

Morris was a successful high school coach in Texas before moving into the college ranks. He is considered one of the top candidates to replace Tommy Tubberville in Lubbock.   Tubberville left last week to take over the job at Cincinnati.

Former Red Raiders quarterback and current Texas A&M Offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury is also believed to be a strong candidate.

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  1. Tate Rhater says:

    Yabo dabo is laying an egg right now. What will he do, what will he do? His coat-tail riding days might be drawing to a close.