July 28, 2015

Richardson hopes new rules will make positive impact at North-South (AUDIO)

South QB CJ Frazier of Bluffton prepares to launch a pass during Wednesday’s practice

The SCADA North-South Game has been a one sided affair in recent years.  The North was won the last four games  including a 42-3 blowout last year.  So in an effort to improve competition, the game’s director Keith  Richardson implemented new rules this restricting offensive and defensive formations.

For example, the offensive teams can only use five formations and three of those have to include a tight end.  And a running back has to be in each formation.  And the defensive teams will line up in a standard 4-3 with three defensive backs underneath and a single safety.

All of this is being done in the name of competition and in the hopes of providing a few more offensive fireworks for the fans to enjoy.

AUDIO:  Interview with SCADA North-South Game director Keith Richardson [5:36]

The teams will practice twice again on Thursday.  Also Thursday the players will team up with some under privileged kids from the Grand Strand area to go shopping.  The players will have $100 gift cards provided by the game to spend on the youngsters.


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  1. Country Boy says:

    I wonder why….Why is it that the South team can’t compete on equal ground?