December 1, 2015

USC and Clemson unchanged in final regular season BCS

With their seasons already offer, USC and Clemson were powerless to do anything about their positions in the BCS standings.  The good news for both is there was not enough activity around them to affect their rankings.  Each held steady from last week with the Gamecocks 10th and the Tigers 14th.

Both human elements to the ranking have the Gamecocks 10th, and the computers ranked them from 8th to 10th.  The human rankings actually had Clemson 13th, but the computers weren’t as kind.  The Tigers were ranked from 13th to 20th, and the Sagarin computer left them out all together.

As expected, Notre Dame is ranked #1 and Alabama #2 and will meet for the BCS championship.  Florida, Oregon and Kansas State complete the top five.

There are six SEC teams in the top ten.  Florida State at #12 joins Clemson as the only ACC teams in the standings.

Complete BCS Standings

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  1. Countryboy says:

    I see the built in “affirmative action” in the BCS is full steam ahead.
    It’s a shame that most ANY ACC team is anywhere around the top 15, much less Clemson.

    It’s sad, when the ultimate form of competition (a Sporting event) is compromised by this type of ranking theory and it’s no wonder we have some of the BCS Bowl match-ups that we do. Next, we’ll be letting ACC teams have 5 downs, snaps will have a 1 second delay before the defense can move, and they can automatically start at the 45 yard line instead of kick offs