November 26, 2015

Wrenn may join Tanner’s staff at USC

Clyde Wrenn

Former USC associate athletic director Clyde Wrenn, who spent the last year as director of football operations at Southern Miss, may return to USC after resigning his position last week.

A source said Tuesday night Wrenn has been in contact with USC AD Ray Tanner about a position on his staff related to working with former Gamecock athletes.

Wrenn spent 11 years at USC before leaving in 2004 to pursue business interests.  Part of Wrenn’s activities included working with Tanner on his foundation until leaving to join Ellis Johnson’s staff at USM.  Johnson was fired Tuesday after one season on the job.

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  1. This is just a buddy-buddy hire if it comes about, just like naming Tanner instead of bringing in a real professional administrator was a buddy-buddy hire. We’re less than five years away from realizing that the athletic program started moving in the wrong direction when Hyman left. Clyde is both old and he belongs to a different era of athletic administration. He should not be brought on board.


    LOL keep hating u so ‘called fighting gamecock fan’ . we headed in a great direction. coach hyman started and coach tanner will continue it. clemsux is the one who hired an a.d. who is best use at a school that has to compete with pro sports. lmao.

    GOOO USC FIGHTING GAMECOCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tanner is a tool for the good old boys who are striving to reassert control over the athletic department and it’s millions of dollars. Pastides and board are in total control now. Hyman ran the show when he was here. It will take awhile for evidence of this to manifest itself visibly, but it’s coming. .