November 30, 2015

USC back in to the BCS Top Ten

USC’s win over Clemson Saturday, along with  Florida State’s loss to Florida, got the Gamecocks back in to the BCS Top Ten.  The Gamecocks are #10,  jumping over Clemson, which was 11th last week, and replacing Florida State which fell to 13th.

The top nine spots in the ranking are identical to last week.  Notre Dame is #1 and is followed by Alabama and Georgia.  The winner of the Alabama-Georgia game in the SEC title game will play Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game. The loser likely will fall all the way of the BCS bowl games because Florida, at #4, will represent the SEC in the Sugar Bowl.

BCS Rankings


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  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Clemson is ranked in the top 20. They aren’t a top 20 team, but it
    ‘s always been the darling of the ACC, and it seems that in spite of their talent level, the “powers that be” need/want to have those little darlings in the rankings. It’s like the ACC “has” to be represented no matter and Saturday night was a good example of that being a misrepresentation of facts.

  2. Countryboy says:

    When Looking at Clemson’s schedule in anticipation of this week’s game, I was in shock.
    They have beaten:

    3-8 Auburn
    3-8 Furman
    8-3 Ball State (arguably their best win)
    5-6 Virginia Tech
    2-9 Boston College – and gave up 31 points
    5-6 Wake Forest
    6-5 Duke
    4-7 Maryland
    6-5 NC State
    6-5 Georgia Tech
    To consider them a top 20 team, is absolutely a shame to the so called fair ranking system!!