November 25, 2015

This play may best some up the recent trend in USC-Clemson rivalry (VIDEO)

When USC defensive back D.J. Swearinger lowered his shoulder and stoned Clemson running back Andre Ellington dead in his tracks then stood over him and flexed it looked like another case of an ill advised penalty for the Gamecock senior.  The play drew a 15 yard penalty for taunting and gave the Tigers a first down at midfield in the fourth quarter trailing by only three points. 

Swerainger is no stranger to big hits, personal fouls and suspensions, but this one looked like it could be costly for the Gamecocks. That is a play that can easily alter a drive and get you beat.  But three plays later Brison Williams intercepted Tajh Boyd, and on the next drive the Gamecocks put the game away with a touchdown to go up 10.

At that point Swearinger’s play went from stupid to statement. 

The play pretty well sums up why USC has won four in a row over their arch rival: They are bigger, stronger, faster, and more physical.  Some bitter fans will call Swearinger classless and some may use the embarrassingly unfortunate term “thug”, which I’ve noticed for some reason is never used to describe white players who play on the edge and sometimes clearly cross the line.  It is easy to criticize guys like Swearinger, but the fact of the matter is guys like him help you win a lot of games. Just ask the Gamecocks.


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  1. KMac, you’re such a woman. If this type of play scares you, and your Clemson following, go cheer, or be in the color guard. Top of the list for “hits” would be the tigers against who they’ve played this year. Go back and think about it and I’m sure you could post a lot of “thug” shots from Clemson players against the undersized teams they play against.

    You’re a hypocrite

  2. So Kboy, should everyone still have to say clemson has a great offense? It is very easy for that offense to put up numbers in the league they play in. For god sakes you got a 6-6 GT playing for the A she she title. Give me a break, you dont have a clue about football. When the taters put up numbers against a schedule that is full of teams that are good and play defense, I will be the first to say they are good. Countryboy Im not sure he is a women but he sounds and talks like whinning one! LOL

  3. Good comparison, KMac. Like Clowney said: “It was an SEC vs ACC matchup and we all know which is the more physical conference.” The Clemson fans that still can’t accept that are clearly in denial.

  4. Countryboy says:

    When Looking at Clemson’s schedule in anticipation of this week’s game, I was in shock.
    They have beaten:

    3-8 Auburn
    3-8 Furman
    8-3 Ball State (arguably their best win)
    5-6 Virginia Tech
    2-9 Boston College – and gave up 31 points
    5-6 Wake Forest
    6-5 Duke
    4-7 Maryland
    6-5 NC State
    6-5 Georgia Tech
    To consider them a top 20 team, is absolutely a shame to the so called fair ranking system!!