November 28, 2015

Ward cites SEC dominance & Clowney vows never to lose to Clemson (AUDIO)

Jadeveon Clowney spent a lot of time with Tajh Boyd Saturday night

Lorenzo Ward wanted to motivate Jadevon Clowney for Clemson so he told Melvin Ingram had six sacks against Tajh Boyd last year. Apparently Clowney has a short memory and didn’t remember that he played in that game with Ingram and that Ward was embellishing the sack total. Clowney ended up sacking Boyd four and a half times, short of Ingram’s fictional stat, but good enough to set the all-time single game sack record in Death Valley’s 71 year history.

Turns out Ward had a few tricks up his sleeve for Clemson. After the game he told reporters he felt good about their game plan against a Clemson offense that had been putting up mind boggling numbers against ACC teams. Before the game Ward felt they could attack certain Clemson offensive lineman with their scheme and thought they could make Boyd run if his first option wasn’t there and after the game he thought both of those theories proved to be true.

Ward also thinks the long held theory the ACC teams are simply out classed by SEC speed and athleticism proved to be true as well.

“I think our style of football is a little different in the Southeastern Conference,” Ward said. “I think we play a lot more physical football. I think that when you play the schedule we play and you get to this game at the end of the season we are battle tested.”

AUDIO: Lorenzo Ward breaks down USC defensive effort [3:02]

As for Clowney, he doesn’t think the Gamecoks recent trend against their rival will be changing anytime soon. ”I don’t know how it feels to lose to Clemson, Clowney said.” I’m not going to know how it feels either becasuse we ain’t losing to them as long as I’m here.”

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