November 30, 2015

Tweet that! Steve Spurrier gets last laugh against Clemson (AUDIO)

Steve Spurrier improved 5-3 vs Clemson at USC

Another year, another USC-Clemson game, same result. The Gamecocks made it four straight over their in-state rival with a 27-17 win at Death Valley Saturday night. If there was ever any question this rivalry has turned in Carolina’s favor, they answered it emphatically.

Steve Spurrier relied on his backup quarterback and his salty defense to retain the state’s bragging rights. Dylan Thompson started in place of the injured Connor Shaw and threw for a career high 310 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions one interception. Meanwhile, Jadeveon Clowney dominated on defense with seven tackles and four and a half sacks.


“Seems like when we play Clemson they don’t play very well and we played well enough I guess to make a few more plays than they did,” said Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier.

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier on Clemson win [3:00]


The Clemson offense didn’t get a lot of opportunities to make plays in the second half. The Tigers only ran 16 plays in the final two quarters, eight in the third and eight in the fourth. During that span the Gamecocks turned a four point halftime deficit into a 10 point advantage.







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  1. Country Boy says:

    So…. 65.14% of the pollsters were right; Carolina by 10 or more of 10 or less. I think it was a terrific lesson in our media, or so called prognosticators, or those who would like to believe that because they have a microphone, they are suddenly an expert on something.
    The fact that media in the Upstate area tends to pander to the Clemson Fans with falsehoods of greatness, out-standing talent, etc. instead of the truth about a program, only leads to sad conclusions. Clemson is a talented team, but not at the level they are ranked or that local media and this show, want people to believe. They play in a inferior conference laregely agaainst even more inferior teams. So, when they do play “somebody” the masses and so called media pundits are fooled into thinking they are going to compete on the same level. They can’t.

    Carolina beat them with a second string QB and a back up RB. They’re best defensive player had a hurt foot. Still, he got 4.5 sacks and 12 tackles. A good result against an over rated team.

    For you so called experts who want to talk about the power house offense of Clemson; QUIT!
    It’s not, or it only is against Pop Warner teams in the ACC.
    You’re only lying to yourselves

  2. This is for K Mac. You leaned toward the Tigers all week because Shaw may not start. You just about made me sick on 560 WVOC on your afternoon show Friday, 11/23/12 talking about Dabo Swinney and what a great coach he is. I believe you would have kissed him if he had been close enough but thank God he was in Clemson and you were in Columbia. If you think so highly of them take your butt to Greenville or Pickens because when I get to listen to you most of the time all you want to do is argue with Phil anyway. Your prediction didn’t go so well did it?

  3. The real Death valley….watch a reply of SC vs. Lsu w/ similar score. Clemson fans embarressed their Coach or maybe…they pass the eyetest. Wikepedia lsu clem f.ball to find real death valley. Who ya gonna fire now Dabo?

  4. Story correction: Thompson DID have an interception… and one that might have normally been very consequential: failure to score when so close.

  5. Congrats to S. Carolina who beat Clemson again. Clowney was a beast tonight as he was in Clemson’s backfield all night long, the Gamecock offense methodically moved the ball on Clemson’s defense, and USC made the big plays when needed. Clemson needs better players (particularly along the lines and on defense) and get tougher physically and mentally in order to turn around this losing streak around against the Gamecocks. Bottom line is that Clemson was outplayed and outcoached. And additionally, the ACC needs to get tougher physically and mentally in order to compete and beat teams in the SEC, along with get better coaching. Until that happen, the ACC will get the same results and that is consistently lose to SEC teams in head to head games. As a Clemson fan I know now more than ever that this is true.