December 1, 2015

Tiger offense has no answer for USC defense (AUDIO)

Running lanes were hard to come by for Andre Ellington against USC

Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris has taken Clemson to new statistical heights in his two seasons.  What he hasn’t done, however, is figure out USC’s defense.  Whether it’s Ellis Johnson or Lorenzo Ward calling the shots, Morris’ fast break attack has bogged down in two games against the Gamecocks.

Last year the Tigers had just 153 yards in a loss in Columbia.  Saturday night in the loss at Clemson, they got the figure up to 328 yards, but that was well below their season average.

Once again the Gamecock defense, led by Jadeveon Clowney and his Memorial Stadium record 4.5 sacks, proved to be too strong and too fast for the Tigers’ offense front.  And the Tigers were not able to get their offensive stars…Tajh Boyd, Andre Ellington, Sammy Watkins, Nuk Hopkins…into an offensive flow.

AUDIO:  Morris discusses offensive problems vs USC [3:12]

AUDIO:  Boyd explains offensive issues against USC  [2:33]

The next couple of weeks will be interesting for the Clemson offense.  Morris is likely to be contacted for one or more of the head coaching vacancies.  And  assuming they go to the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, the Tigers will see another SEC defense, possibly LSU.

 Notes on Clemson offense vs USC defense


In games other than SC: 73 plays, 437 yards, 35 points (averages)

Against SC: 61 plays, 275 yards, 14 points


In games other than SC: 79 plays, 500 yards, 39 points (averages)

Against SC: 60 plays, 241 yards, 15 points


2012 vs. Others: 82, 536, 42

2012 against SC: 59, 328, 17

2011 vs. Others: 77, 463, 35

2011 against SC: 60, 153, 13

2010 vs. Others: 67, 341, 25

2010 against SC: 62, 251, 7

2009 vs. Others: 63, 370, 32

2009 against SC: 61, 260, 17

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  1. Country Boy says:

    I hope it is LSU…. OMG!!

  2. In just over a day, I’ve heard every excuse in the book. I’ve heard the refs were against clempson, several key offensive players were hurt, clempson couldn’t get their rhythm, Tajh wasn’t focused, the team is full of rookies and sophomores, the ground was slippery, the stars weren’t aligned, etc…
    Silly taters just don’t get it. It’s different in the SEC. It’s called playing competition. You are not that good, plain and simple. The coots beat your a**es, deal with it.