November 29, 2015

Nothing but love for Clemson from Steve Spurrier Tuesday (AUDIO)

Steve Spurrier only had nice things to say about Clemson Tuesday

Fans hoping to get some more verbal sparring between Steve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney Tuesday are pretty disappointed right about now. The rival coaches have traded some epic jabs over the past year, but today it was all about peace, love and football.

Spurrier downplayed the back and forth with Dabo and said he doesn’t really like responding to things coaches say in the media.

“I don’t think there’s any big deal to it, Spurrier said. “I just mentioned at the pep rally for Marcus on his birthday that I agreed that Dabo (Swinney) had mentioned that Marcus Lattimore stands for everything that’s right about college football. I just mentioned that I agreed with him. I didn’t think it was a derogatory comment. I found out he loves Southern California and the University of North Carolina. That’s what I found out about him. He really likes those two schools. Other than that, it’s no big deal.”

And that was that. The rest of what Spurrier had to say about Clemson was the opposite of bulletin board material. Unless saying Clemson is by far the best offense they have faced and that the Tigers are close to being a national championship contender is something you want to put on the wall. The Head Ball coach made it clear he has a genuine and sincere respect for his in-state rival.

“Clemson and the offense they have, is by far the best we’ve played against this year,” Spurrier said. “Their defense has been good when it needs to be. They’ve given up some yards here and there. Offensively, they’ve got all positions covered, receivers, tight ends, offensive line, running backs and then their quarterback has really been good. It will be a big challenge for us. We played well defensively last year. Hopefully that will give us some confidence that we can hold these guys down. I think they’re better offense this year than they were last year at this time.”

Sounds like Spurrier and Swinney are going to play nice leading up to this game this weekend. Let’s see how long it last after the game.

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier on Clemson [3:00]

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  1. Country Boy says:

    Spurrier is giggling under his breath. Clemson is only good in the ACC and while they rack up big points, so do their opponents. Their defense will be painfully exploited and their front on offense will be dismantled. I see quick passes and a lot of trick plays. It’s trademark Swinney, when he can’t beat you straight up, to use trick plays.