November 30, 2015

USC drops behind Clemson in BCS Standings

Clemson did not move in this new BCS Standings released Sunday night.  USC did move.  Down.  The Gamecocks fell from 9th to 12th and sit right behind the Tigers in the standings.  The Tigers hold the edge on the Gamecocks in both human polls, but the computer rankings favor USC.

As expected, Notre Dame and Alabama are 1-2.  Notre Dame plays at Southern Cal this weekend.  Alabama has Auburn this weekend and, with a victory, will play Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.  Georgia is third in the BCS so the Alabama-Georgia winner would face Notre Dame in the national championship game should the Irish defeat the Trojans.

Florida is fourth in the BCS and Oregon fell to fifth after losing Saturday to Stanford.

BCS Standings

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  1. gamecock fan says:

    See you get rewarded for beating up on a lesser team and act like jackasses when they score .When will people that vote on this realizes that clemson is just a redneck team,like their dumb ass coach.They feel so big when they have a team beat and loves to keep the first string in and run up the score.ESPN loves it when they act so dumb and act like children.Besides beating only beat one team in the top 25 in the polls,who have they beaten worth talking about?Clemson may get a win by the umpires giving them bad calls against Carolina,that helps Clemson????????????????.By the way,Dumbo ,will maybe see thast his team is not the only team in south carolina,USC Is in the south,usc west coast has nothing to do will the east coast.He loves to run his mouth and someday someone is going to shut it for him.South Carolina is not scared to play at Clemson,they have more to prove then Clemson will ever.Why Clemson,don’t you go to the other two better teams??????????Oh i know why,you would not have sorry ACC teams to play that you can act big and score big on them??????????????????????????