November 27, 2015

SCHSL’s Jerome Singleton explains Goose Creek ruling (AUDIO)

Today the South Carolina High School League ruled to disqualify Goose Creek High from the remainder of the state playoffs, for the second time, due to the use of an ineligible player.  Following the session, SCHSL Executive Director, Jerome Singleton, spoke to the media to explain the league’s ruling.

AUDIO:   Jerome Singleton [8:44]

Goose Creek principal  Jimmy Huskie also spoke with reporters following the high school league’s ruling.

AUDIO:   Jimmy Huskie [1:30]]

Danita Brown, a Goose Creek supporter also spoke her mind following the ruling that ousted the Gators from the playoffs for the second time in two weeks.

AUDIO:   Danita Brown [:25]

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  1. Jerome Singleton and his cronies are a bunch of idiots and I don’t have a dog in this fight.

  2. Roger Snow says:

    I think Shell Dula was a finalist about 5 years ago when the position as president of SCHSL came open. He is a man of integrity and…common sense and would have done a MUCH better job than Mr. Singleton.

  3. Terry Silliman says:

    just goes to show you that one man in a position fo power to long can and will get corrupted,why do you think we have presidential elections,and check and balance in the house of reps and in congress ,to over turn bad decisions,you cant honestly tell me the SCHSL is better than our elected officials…

  4. evans gleaton says:

    Jerome Singleton is a bully – – go ahead, “axe’ him. He has no concept of justice. Justice requires wisdom. Jerome is not a wise man – – twelve of the commission members are also less than wise officers. Jerome makes a poor arguement for thier ruling. Just a sad bunch of citizens on committee, shouldn’t be there.