July 30, 2015

Transcript at center of Goose Creek eligibility issue

Goose Creek will appeal to the SCHSL executive committee Wednesday afternoon in Columbia for reinstatement to the 4A-Division 2 playoffs, and a source said Tuesday night that appeal will focus on the transcript of the ineligible player in the question.

The player transferred to Goose Creek from Berkeley last summer.  According to the source, the player repeated the 9th grade at Berkeley, but the transcript sent to Goose Creek when he transferred did not show that.  Goose Creek officials, the source said, will try to show the committee that using that transcript from Berkeley, they would have no way of knowing the player had already used up his eligibility.

According to the source, an updated transcript was sent to Goose Creek later in the school year and the problem was discovered while checking on basketball eligibility.  Goose Creek then contacted the SCHSL to report the issue.

The player was a reserve on the football team and appeared in seven games this season.

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  1. GrimmReaper says:

    One question. How is it that you are checking transcripts prior to basketball starting and you checked transcripts for football after the season started? Transcript checked in September, but first game August 28th.

    Something else to ponder, kids age, transcript checked on net showed 3 years, but what year is he in now? He is obviously a senior, so they are saying the year at Berkeley didn’t show til this year or did this year put him at the five year mark?

    It isn’t cheating til you get caught, clerical error or whatever. I salute the the principal for coming forward now, rather than taking a chance of playing and winning the second title and then maybe being stripped of it, which would be more embarrasing. Good job!