July 30, 2015

No More Bite: Goose Creek still disqualified, out of playoffs (AUDIO)

Some Goose Creek fans were on hand to show support for their Gators

By: Brian Rauf

The Goose Creek Gator football team is still out of the 4A-Division II state playoffs after a ruling from the South Carolina High School League Executive Committee.  Goose Creek was appealing the original disqualification ruling stemming from a player eligibility issue.

The player in question transferred to Goose Creek from Berkeley over the summer, where he had repeated the 9th grade.  When the transcript was transferred to Goose Creek, Gator officials claim it showed the player still had a year of eligibility left.  However, when the transcript was checked for basketball eligibility, it was shown that the player had used up all of his eligibility.  Goose Creek self-reported this to the SCHSL, saying they had no way of knowing the player had used up his eligibility up until that time.

The player appearing in seven games for the Gators, but according to Goose Creek head coach Chuck Reedy’s testimony, only played about 20 snaps at the end of games that were already decided.

Reedy, along with Goose Creek principal Jimmy Huskey and superintendent Rodney Thompson, sat in front of the SCHSL Executive Committee for 90 minutes tonight to make their case for being reinstated into the postseason.

After some deliberation, the committee voted 9-2 in favor of keeping Goose Creek disqualified.  The Gator delegation appealed that ruling for ‘mercy’, essentially giving the committee another chance to change their minds.  The committee deliberated for five more minutes before deciding on a 10-1 ruling upholding Goose Creek’s disqualification.

As a result, Conway will advance to the next round of the 4A D-II playoffs and will face Bluffton on Friday night.  Conway had originally lost to the Gators 48-7 last week.

Huskey and Thompson both met with the media after the ruling adjourned.  you can listen to their comments by clicking on the links below.

AUDIO: Goose Creek Principal Jimmy Huskey [0:20]

AUDIO: Goose Creek Superintendent Rodney Thompson [0:36]

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  1. Kenny Harrell says:

    This is an absolute travestyof justice. I urge you all to stay on this story to show what an antiquated and small-minded organization the SC High School League has become.

  2. James Churchill says:

    It is amazing when the SCHSL makes the NCAA look good. What a lesson to teach our youth? A school is honest and upfront about a clerical error involving a player that was a minimal contributor and the answer is to cut the entire program below the knees. Honesty obviously isn’t the best policy when dealing wioth the SCHSL b/c they could have continued playing the next three weeks and then later on acted like they found the error and it really wouldn’t have mattered what the SCHSL decided.

  3. Perspective says:

    Though I sympathize with Goose Creek and the players, I think the High School league made the only decision that they could based upon other rulings. The player in question played in several games and though it is not mentioned, assumedly in their playoff game as well, therefore all games that he played in must be forfeited. This is consistent with their ruling with LR and Byrnes—they forfeited all games where the player participated. Also, it appears to me as an outside observer, I question how the football coaches was unable to find this in the transcript but the basketball coach did(?). Honestly, it appears that the coach did not do his due diligence partly because he was not a “player”, a simple human mistake. Compounding or raising additional skepticism is the justification of providing opportunity for this child. Lastly, the High School League is governed by the High School Principals and Adminstrators. They are the ones that made these rules and as their slogan states; “”An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules…”.