November 29, 2015

SportsTalk Rewind 11:12:12: Browning Points (AUDIO)

Darlington President Chris Browning

Every Monday we check in with our good friend and President of Darlington Raceway, Chris Browning, to discuss what’s taking place in the NASCAR world.  There’s no better resource in the state when it comes to the stock car racing analysis our listeners deserve.

AUDIO:   Chris Browning [4:25] 

After having his hopes of a victory dashed at the Advocare 500 in Phoenix, Clint Bowyer made a mad dash for Jeff Gordon and crew.  It ended up being one of the more epic melee’s the sport has ever seen.  We’re also just one race away from wrapping up the 2012 season, and 5-time champ Jimmie Johnson is looking for number 6.  Chris helps make sense of it all for us…..




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