November 29, 2015

College football BS with David Bennett and Kevin Steele (AUDIO)

Former Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele

Hump day is our day at SportsTalk to bring in the guys who have done more than just talk about college football.  Former Coastal Carolina Head Coach David Bennett, and former Clemson Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele have actually roamed the sidelines.  Therefore, we gladly provide their perspectives every Wednesday night regarding Saturday’s gridiron action.

AUDIO:   BS Report [19:37]

Tonight we held the coaches over our normal time constraints to make sure we got plenty out of them this week.  There was much to discuss regarding the trajectory of how Clemson and USC’s seasons are going, heading into their matchup on November 24th.  Coach Bennett invited a special guest to the program, and we also tried to delve into the futures of both our guests.


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