November 29, 2015

“Tell them I’ll be back”-Lattimore vows to return from gruesome injury (AUDIO)

A large crowd gathered to wish Marcus Lattimore well

Monday was Marcus Lattimore’s 21st birthday and several hundred fans gathered on the USC Horseshoe to send the Gamecock running back birthday and get well wishes.  Lattimore didn’t make it to the event but Steve Spurrier addressed the crowd and relayed a message from the junior running back.

“The message Marcus gave me was, he said ‘tell them I’ll be back,’ so he’s coming back,” Spurrier told the cheering crowd.

Lattimore suffered a gruesome knee injury in the second quarter of Saturday’s win over Tennessee.  It is the second time Lattimore has suffered a major knee injury.  Last season he tore ligaments in his left knee and missed half the season. This injury Saturday was to his right knee and the severity of the injury hasn’t been fully disclosed beyond a statement indicating “several” ligaments were injured.

Take a listen to Spurrier’s comments to the crowd below:

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier speaks to crowd [4:45]


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  1. The injury was to his right knee, not left.