November 26, 2015

Surgeon details a potential long recovery path for Lattimore (AUDIO)

Marcus Lattimore’s gruesome injury is something he can come back from to play again

By: Brian Rauf

As we all know by now, USC RB Marcus Lattimore suffered a dislocated left knee this past weekend against Tennessee that caused damage to many ligaments.  To help us understand the extent of the injury and the amount of time it may take for Lattimore to recover from it, we were joined on SportsTalk by Dr. David Geier, who is an orthopedic surgeon at MUSC and is the head of the sports medicine division.

Click on the link below to hear what Dr. Geier had to say about Lattimore’s injury, when we can expect to see him back on the field, and how effective he can be when he gets back.

AUDIO: Dr. David Geier [9:43]

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