November 26, 2015

Steve Spurrier may be the most passive-agressive man alive (AUDIO)

Steve Spurrier knows his way around a zinger

Steve Spurrier has mastered the art subtle trash talk. He knows how to needle you. A few years ago I was paired with the HBC in his annual media golf tournament. A few holes in I missed about a five foot birdie putt. Keep in mind he missed the same putt. Anyway, a few holes later I had another birdie putt and as I was standing over the ball, Spurrier says, “Alright, don’t miss this one like you did the last one.”

I thought that was a funny thing for him to say. It actually sounded like something I would say. Except I would say it to the guy I was trying to beat, not the guy on my team. I was amused and thought about what it must be like to be play quarterback for this guy. Suddenly I felt empathy for Stephen Garcia. It quickly passed.

Also, I missed the putt. Not because of Spurrier’s comment, because I stink at golf.

Maybe Spurrier does this in his regular life too. Maybe Jeri Spurrier has to deal with comments like, “We all know you can screw up instant grits, we learned that last week, didn’t we Jeri?”

Personally, I appreciate this kind of wit and humor. I get a kick out of watching Spurrier do it. I got a kick out of it when he did it to me. I do wish sometimes he could take it was well as he gives it, and I’m not alone there. But Spurrier is certainly the best at the not so subtle subtle jabs.

Here are a few examples of Spurrier’s talents that I noticed from today’s SEC Teleconference (which you can listen to below):

“I think sometimes you forget if you’re gonna run about 85 plays the other team might get 85 too. So it’s just a matter of the approach you want to go at it.”

Is it just me, or is he taking a little dig at Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris? I would admit this could be a reach if Spurrier hadn’t directly referenced Morris earlier this season.

“The teams we need to beat are Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and uh, Missouri, Kentucky Vandy. Sometimes you can beat all of them and not win the division, as we found out last year.”

Obviously Spurrier is still beating his “only the division games should count” drum. The SEC still isn’t listening though.

“Whoever wins the game in Atlanta, their side of the division will be the best this year. That’s the way I sort of always looked at it. Whoever wins in Atlanta their side will be the best so I think we gotta wait and see what happens as we go through the season.”

This is Spurrier’s way of telling a reporter he asked a dumb question after said reporter asked him which division is better.

“He and I really think similar about things. Maybe even a little bit more than Ellis [Johnson] and I did. So we changed a little bit. We really try not to maybe have defenses where I guys can screw up… Don’t put indecision in them.

“We’ve not had mental errors quite as many as maybe we had in the past. But, now Ellis was a heck of a defensive coach, don’t get me wrong. We were third in the conference, fourth or fifth in the nation, we were very good. We just had some mental errors back there at times.”

Yep, that was actually Spurrier’s way of paying  Ellis Johson and Lorenzo Ward a compliment. Spurrier loves him some Lorenzo Ward, but even Whammy isn’t immune to the HBC’s needling.

Keep in mind, all of this is just from a ten minute call today.

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier SEC teleconference [7:10]

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  1. Stephen G. says:

    Granted the whole playing golf with your source is a major ethical violation in the eyes of some journalists, but hey. Let’s not worry about that.

  2. Well, whatever he’s doing, it seems to work…

  3. Kevin McCrarey says:

    @Stephen G: I clearly stated it was a media golf outing. Spurrier has one every year. So does just about every other coach in America. But hey, let’s not worry about that.

    To channel my inner Spurrier: Maybe if some people were as good at being a journalist as they were at a journalist critic, they would actually have a job in journalism.

  4. I don’t hear any false accusations nor slander with your examples. One of the problems (plural) Spurrier has with this journalist is he didn’t do his research on the articles he was putting out. For example, the journalist said the Gamecock QB was playing hurt and shouldn’t be playing, but the journalist never talked to the trainer nor QB before firing off at Spurrier.

  5. Cock of Ages says:


    First … In the golf example you give, Spurrier is not being passive-aggressive. He’s simply being aggressive.

    Second – I don’t see the big deal with your other examples.

    “85 Plays” Without any mention of Morris (and he’s not the only no-huddle, hurry-up, fast-attack guy out there) how can you link it to Morris? So what if he doesn’t like the philosophy? It’s a reach. Full stop.

    “The Teams We Need to Beat” … how is this beating the division-win only drum again? What he said is 100% true. Since the start of the 2010 season USC has lost exactly one division game; it has played in one SECCG. Even if USC beats UGA this year, the Dawgs are still favored to win the Eastern Division. All of this is indisputable.

    “Whoever Wins the Game in Atlanta” What is wrong with this philosophy? Yes, it was a dumb question. It’s not a dumb answer. Why does he have to be a homer for the Eastern Division when the West has dominated the last several years? How is this aggressive?

    “He and I think really similar” Again, what’s the problem with this? Ellis bailed. EJ’s 4-2-5 was good, but it had its lapses (2010 UK game; 2009-2011 Arkansas games). The HC is saying he is happier with his new DC, though he gives his old DC his due – since the old DC delivered great defenses? Why is this passive aggressive?

    Are you still angry at Spurrier over the Ron Morris II thing? That’s what I think.

  6. k-mac has a man crush on ron morris

  7. Kevin McCrarey says:

    I’m trying to figure out what any of this has to do with Ron Morris? I thought was made pretty clear in the piece, I rather enjoy Spurrier’s antics. I pointed out he has thin skin, which he does, but he was in top form with his jabs today.

  8. Where is the Audio link?

  9. 81 Alumnus says:

    K-Mac, do you lay awake at night worrying about Spurrier hiding under your bed and jumping out and making you wet your Underoos?

    And speaking of calling Spurrier “passive aggressive,” what do you call a blogger who calls Spurrier “the most passive aggressive man” alive and then complains that he gave commenters no reason to think he was being negative about Spurrier?

    The correct answers are “hypocite” and “passive aggressive.”

    Don’t you have anymore five year old articles you can tweet of Spurrier talking about the Confederate flag?

  10. Kevin McCrarey says:

    @81Alumnus, are sports even fun for you? I mean maybe you should try something else if something as simple as having some fun with Spurrier’s funny antics is too much for you to handle without getting angry. Take a deep breath. Relax. There, you feel better? Good. The whole world isn’t out to get you or your favorite team. I promise.

  11. K Mac if ppl like u would drop IT , instead of always br
    inging IT up IT be over . IT seems u have a Problem with hbc also , let him do the coaching , He let IT go an focused on georgia but you ke
    ep IT going about morron

  12. 81 Alumnus says:

    K-Mac as usual, you forget that your blog posts are right there for all to read, and most of us have English as a first language, so it’s easy to see that when you say your posts says something entirely different from what it actually says you are being “disingenuous” to use a more polite term than you deserve.

    Last week you compare USC and Spurrier’s handling of the Morris situation to Penn State’s molestation scandal, and decline to join Morris himself and the likes of Gregg Doyel who criticized USC but said that the comparison to Penn State was over the top.

    Then Friday on a busy high school football night you tweet out of the blue of a quote from last decade of Spurrier addressing the Confederate flag of all things.

    Now, you blog that “Steve Spurrier may be the most passive-agressive man alive,” and get all pouty because I and about a dozen others didn’t grasp your innocent little attempt at humor.

    You’ve opened a heck of a can of worms here for Mr. Kornblut, and for Learfield, who owns both the SC Network that pays your salary and half of the company that has the broadcast rights to USC sports. If I were you I’d quit worrying about what the HBC says about his wife’s cooking and start finding a way to weld the lid back on that aforementioned can.