November 28, 2015

Steve Spurrier kindly ask USC fans to not leave at halftime (AUDIO)

Steve Spurrier didn’t like the fans early exit Saturday

Steve Spurrier would like to remind USC fans that football games last four quarters, not two. After a 48-10 win over East Carolina The Head Ball Coach mentioned he was a bit disappointed with mass exodus after the Gamecocks jumped out to a 21-0 lead at the half. 

“Fans, stay in the ballpark a little longer, gee. That party out in the parking will wait, can’t it? …I looked out to the other side and it was half empty almost. Stay in the ballpark a little bit.”

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier’s plea to fans [:30]

Spurrier reminded the Gamecock fans 21-0 isn’t necessarily a safe lead, “We were down 17-0 to these guys last year and had to come back.”

In fairness Spurrier should also be reminded a lot of the fans who left were drinking Jack and Cokes at 8:00 in the morning and by halftime when it was about 95 degrees in the stands, realized that last Jager Bomb might not have been such a great idea.  12:21 starts in early September are brutal for any fan base in the South. Especially the faction of that fan base that has a buzz before 9 AM.

The good news for Spurrier and the Gamecocks fans is next week’s game against UAB is a 7:00 start.

Outside the fans early exit, the HBC seemed generally pleased with the way things went down Saturday afternoon against the Pirates.

AUDIO: Steve Spurrier on ECU game [1:47]

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