April 24, 2014

Steve Spurrier says Connor Shaw can’t lift his arm, may not play Sat. (AUDIO)

Spurrier has plenty of offensive worries

Steve Spurrier spoke with the media Sunday afternoon to review last Thursday’s win at Vanderbilt.  The Gamecocks will play host to East Carolina Saturday afternoon.  Some of Spurrier’s most interesting comments included:

  • Shaw is in a wait and see mode. Won’t practice until Wednesday.
  • Shaw has deep bruise on the shoulder, not in the joint. Painful for him. Having trouble lifting his right arm right now.
  • Thompson still first in line to replace Shaw.
  • Doesn’t  have all the answers about the passing game. Called about 30 passes, threw only 13. Did have some bad plays called.
  • If Shaw is not healthy, he won’t play. Spurrier expects to struggle against ECU.
  • Brandon Shell dealing with ankle sprain, in a boot Saturday, probably out a couple of days.
  • Lattimore is fine a couple of days after the game.
  • Hull will continue to be first punter.
  • He called all the plays against Vanderbilt.

AUDIO:  Steve Spurrier teleconference




  1. Did have some bad plays called??? Who had some bad plays called? We know who calls the plays…Yeah called the same thing OVER & OVER… When are you going to realize that everyone knows how to defend the Gamecocks..I am a die hard Gamecock fan Coach..Please mix it up a little!!!!


  2. When will USC have a credible first class quaterback? I think we have a pretty good one in Saw but why do we not have a thoroughbred by now? I think Spurrier should be disappointed that G. A. Mangus can’t seem to produce the kind of quaterback USC should be able to attract. The back ups looked like they did not belong on the field. Pathetic at best!