November 26, 2015

Details emerge from Tanner McEvoy’s arrest in North Carolina

Tanner McEvoy mug shot from Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office

Today we followed up with the McKlenburg County Sheriff’s Office and the North Carolina State Highway Patrol to confirm the details of USC reserve quarterback Tanner McEvoy’s arrest Sunday night.  Here is what we what we learned:

According to Sgt. Dory with the North Carolina Highway Patrol, McEvoy was pulled over by a trooper on I-77 South for speeding.  According to Dorty, McEvoy was stopped  for driving 86 mph in a 65 mph zone.  Dorty said the trooper detected the smell of alcohol when he was speaking with McEvoy and confirmed he had been drinking by administering a roadside  breathalyzer with a Intoxilyzer.  Dorty said he did not know what McEvoy’s blood alcohol level was, but said it didn’t matter because McEvoy was under 21 and any alcohol content was illegal.

“He didn’t get charged with DWI, but that doesn’t matter because he was under 21,” Dorty told us in a telephone interview Wednesday.  “The officer tested him and confirmed he had consumed alcohol, but I don’t have the results of the test. But any amount is illegal for a person under 21.”

Dorty said McEvoy was also given a field sobriety test, which is standard when a trooper detects alcohol on a driver.  Even though he didn’t have the results of the breathalyzer, Dorty said it is safe to assume McEvoy did not blow over the limit that would lead to a DWI charge.  However, because of his age, McEvoy could deal with some of the same penalties in terms of his insurance and license revocation.

Dorty said it is up to the arresting officer to decide whether to issue a citation or detain a person charged with consuming alcohol under the age of 21.  The results of the Intoxilyzer test may have been a factor in the trooper’s decision to book McEvoy.

“If [McEvoy] had registered only very small amount, [the trooper]  might have only issued a citation,” Dorty said.  They aren’t required to take them to jail but he decided to go ahead and make the arrest.”

Dorty said there is no dash cam video from the arrest. 

“Not every cruiser has a dash cam.  This cruiser didn’t have one so there is no dash cam evidence.”

McEvoy posted a 250 dollar bond for  the speeding and underage consumption charges.  Both are misdemeanors.  Steve Spurrier told SportsTalk last night that under USC athletic department policy McEvoy is suspended and will have to meet with athletic director Ray Tanner to determine how long he will be sidelined.

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  1. This is a load of crap. The report is already filed and avaible for any law enforcement agent to look at. The report has the exact blood alchohol level and what transpired. Fact is he was speeding. No way police officer smells alchohol on your breath with the low level that he actually blew on the the breathalyzer. He did not blow high enough to be considered intoxicated or he would have a DUI. Doubt he even did a field sobreity test. But the fact is he did have alchol in his system and he was undergae. SC does not have the same laws. State patrol decided not to give citation and instead arrest him which is his perogative. But realistically this was a waste of tax payer money to arrest this kid for this incident and now the whole media is blowing it out of proportion. He did do what almost every college kid in America does, he drank a beer and he was underage. He was not driving while impaired. He was not drunk while driving. Cop was just over zealous and officer Dorty is lying threw his teeth that he does not know the particulars since it is all in the arresting officers report and already filed. Case has no chance in court.