November 26, 2015

BOT chairman indicates USC could move quickly on Tanner

Ray Tanner could soon be moving to a new office at USC

Ray Tanner may not be USC’s baseball coach for much longer.  Tanner would like to replace Eric Hyman as USC’s athletic director, and the school’s board of trustees chairman appears to on board with that.    A source said Sunday that Miles Loadholt is in favor of Tanner taking over as AD and would like to see the move made as quickly as possible.

A second source said over the weekend that should Tanner be named the new AD, former USC assistant athletic directors Brad Edwards and Chris Massaro could join him in high ranking positions on the staff.

Edwards is a former Gamecock football star who currently is the AD at Newberry College.  Massaro currently is the AD at Middle Tennessee State.

If Tanner is named the new athletic director after 16 seasons as baseball coach, he would be replaced as head coach by current assistant head coach Chad Holbrook.



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  1. King Ward says:

    Seems like a rush to anoint Ray and all of it based on other than what we need as an athletic director.

  2. King Ward says:

    Sounds like they are getting ready to form an old boys club in the athletic department. They’d better get a great professional administrator in there.