November 25, 2015

Finally we can analyze any team or conference attendance averages!

SEC fans are known to show up in droves

What did we do before the Internet came along to help us find all sorts of new ways to cut down on real life productivity? I mean do we really NEED a place to compare and contrast the five year attendance averages of any school or conference in college football? No, I suppose we don’t. But will we totally waste ten minutes of our life plugging different schools and conferences to see how they vary? You betcha! normally spends its time analyzing numbers for “unimportant” things like government spending trends and large magnitude earthquakes. Finally they have created something every red blooded American needs: A statistical breakdown of various schools and conferences attendance.

Just in case you are too lazy to play with this yourself, I will share a few of the results I received in comparing Clemson and USC and the ACC and SEC attendance averages over the past five years (’06-’11):

  • Clemson averaged 78,090 per home game, which is at 97.25% capacity.
  •  USC 77,632 per home game, which is 96.68% capacity.
  • The SEC averaged 75,040 fans in its home games. That is 95.63% of its capacity.
  • The ACC averaged 55,436 fans per home game, which is 86.21% capacity.

Click right here to join the fun and compare any team or conference you wish.

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  1. Cockytop says:

    The media prides itself on accountability….transparency…That’s why you all go to journalism school in the first place…nobility! Clemson’s attendance figures have been a lie for years….then again…who cares? Of course the SC media buying every ClemSpin under the sun by continuing to do the selling to the fans as though taternation has a strong preference be lied to with orange sunshine than exposing issues that continue cloaked in smoke….Second to joining the SEC…possibly the next best thing to happen to Gamecock athletics. Thank you SC sports media..keep up the great work !…Oh yea…I hear the SCDOR is interested the the reported figures as a strong rumor circulates the real avg attendance in taterpatch was 70,033..mmmm?

  2. Cockytop says:

    Did you know John Edwards played football at ClemPzun? He did… won the “Ben Tillman Award For Character & Fidelity” !