April 24, 2014

The one where ESPN tells you Melvin Ingram played at Clemson

Melvin Ingram was known to wear a South Carolina Gamecock uniform often during his Clemson career

One of the NFL experts with self proclaimed “worldwide leader in sports” has new information revealing Melvin Ingram didn’t really play at South Carolina. Forget what you think you know, ESPN AFC East blogger James Walker is here to tell you that Ingram actually played at Clemson.  See below, and the emphasis is mine.

Prospect No. 2: South Carolina DE/OLB Melvin Ingram

Why: For all the strengths of New York’s defense, rushing the passer is not one of them. The Jets lack a true elite pass-rusher that opponents have to double-team and game plan for. Ingram potentially can be that player. The Jets like Ingram. The problem is the former Clemson star probably is a top-10 pick.

This probably means later today Joe Schad, citing sources, will report  ESPN has learned Melvin Ingram played his college football in Columbia. Keep an on the crawl at the bottom of your screen as you can be sure the four letter network will be all over this developing story.


  1. Mark Goldstein says:

    This blogger needs to find a new job and use fact check before running off at the mouth all he is doing is embarressing himself and espn as wll ….we all know Melvin was a star at Carolina
    got it walker . get it right and apologize to Gamecock Nation for your dumbass comments

  2. Phil Cornpoot says:

    Remember that time Phil said that Tommy Frasier was coming to Clemson guranteed or the time he posted that the running back from N.C was signing with Clemson, then stated he mad a mistake..Everyone does it, including Morris Peabody Award runner up for 2009 through Eternity, KMAC