November 29, 2015

Frank Martin tells Damontre Harris he can go anywhere but N.C. State

Damontre Harris wants out at USC

USC rising junior center Damontre Harris met with Gamecocks coach Frank Martin today and requested an immediate release from his scholarship so he can transfer to another school. Martin told Harris he is willing to release him to any school, with the exception one school: N.C. State. This stance is not sitting well with the Harris camp.

From the start the new USC coaching staff has been careful with the way they’ve handled Harris’ transfer desires. A couple of weeks ago Martin gave freshman Anthony Gill the freedom to transfer to any school he wants, with no limitations or restrictions. Harris, who had also made it clear his intention to explore a transfer, was not granted the same freedom as Gill. According to a source, the reason why was the concern over potential illegal contact and tampering with Harris.

Martin and his staff have made no official accusation of tampering, but if you connect the dots you can see why there may be some speculation in regards to N.C. State.

Harris has been involved in transfer rumors for a few months, even before Martin was hired. In fact, there were rumblings he was looking to get out even before Darrin Horn was let go last month. Former USC assistant Orlando Early is now working on the N.C. State staff. One basketball source told us Early has been working through Harris’ high school coach, Heath Vandevender, for several months trying to facilitate a transfer to Raleigh. According to the source, Early has also reached out to Harris, citing his previous relationship with him as the reason for the contact.

Vandevender denies that claim. He said Harris has not talked to any school about a transfer.

Harris plans to fight Martin’s decision, but it’s abattle he’s not likely going to win. Coaches often put limitations on transfer destinations for various reasons, and players don’t have much recourse other than to follow those guidelines. Based on the information we have, it seems unlikely Martin is going to change his stance regarding the Wolfpack. That means Harris will have to choose another school, or return to USC.

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  1. Frank Martin says:

    This’ll show any potential recruit not to ever think about leaving. That’ll learn em!! I am brilliant.

  2. Jason Paulson says:

    What a slimy move by Frank Martin. This will not help with recruiting at all. Great move, brainiac.

  3. Jason Paulson says:

    What a slimy move by Frank Martin. This will not help with recruiting at all.

  4. Greg McClinton says:

    Can’t believe he played my bro like that

  5. Roger Caldwell says:

    Already word that Harris’ old high school coach and AAU coach are going to do their best to blackball martin over this. Just let the kid go, serves us no purpose in not releasing him since we dont have to play those guys. beyond stupid by our administration or martin etc.

  6. Mike Mann says:

    Frank Martin watch your step next time your in the Queen City

  7. Willow Davis says:

    This new coach(whoever he is “Midwest Guy”) is NOT allowing a player to transfer outside the conference.??? The Word is getting AROUND the local HIGH SCHOOL’s in NC
    & SC that he’s a total jerk and you don’t want to play for him. He will win his appeal as well, so why would USC act so foolish. Gove him 3 yrs and the Gamecock Club buys him out. THIS AIN’T THE MIDWEST…We are not in Kansas anymore!

  8. John Harris says:

    The kid is a quitter. Good riddance!

  9. John Harris says:

    BTW It’s obvious to me these kids that are transferring have no work ethic, and it showed last year with the marvelous performances on the court. It’s obvious they could care less about helping the team, instead they cry and moan because Horn gets fired , so they run off like little girls because USC actually hires a coach that will kick their ass up and down the floor if they don’t play at 100%

    And for these so called dumb USC fans that are blasting the University and Coach Martin over this.. There is a cow college up the road that would fit you perfectly!

  10. Andy Kennedy says:

    Did Korn write an article entitled, “Harris to NC State a done deal” or something?

  11. Jason Paulson says:

    John Harris: You are missing the point. Playing these games only hurts USC, especially when there is so much anger about the hypocrisy of the NCAA and college coaches. There are already reports that Harris’ high school and AAU coaches are convincing other coaches to blacklist Martin and USC. When you consider the impact on recruting and the future of the progrem, this was a horrible decision by Martin and the administrators at USC.

  12. I am an NCSU grad and fan. I am a bigger USC fan. To all recruits. There is a right way and a wrong way. Critisize Martin all you want but he is telling you that you have options when you have integrity. GO GAMECOCKS and GO WOLFPACK!

  13. There’s obviously a very very good reason why Martin is doing this. You notice Gill didn’t have any restrictions put on him by Martin. However, like so many so-called USC fans, let’s just throw the new coach under the bus. It’s all his fault. It’s pretty obvious to me and should be to others that N.C. State was tampering with Harris before he was given his release, that’s a big no no. I can’t blame Martin. It also appears to me that these guys are taking the easy way out. They don’t want to put in the hard work required to be successful. Perhaps they’re scared of getting yelled at. Oh well, we’re probably better off without them anyway.

  14. I thought Martin was coaching at South Carolina? What’s with all of this USC talk?

  15. Keith Cavanaugh says:

    I don’t understand a number of things in this article. If Early is tampering then Martin should come out and accuse him instead of being passive aggressive. Plus isn’t USC in Los Angeles? Me no comprende. Yeesh!!!

  16. Stumbled across this article. Wanna say, its just dumb. Kids talk to other coaches all the time, especially ones that coached them for their freshman year in college. That said, not sure if this is a frank martin move, or by the AD with a grudge against Early. No tellin, but this is the 1st time ive seen this type of release restriction (not a rival, different conference,etc).
    Good for harris for fightin it. Coaches are supposed to have their players best interest in mind. Obviously martin doesnt, & this will affect recruiting. He wanted a transfer anyway to a good school, close to home, with plenty of P/T. Ncsu fits that pretty well. Good luck kid.

  17. joe blow says:

    so, nc state has a former south carolina lamecock coach and its believed that he has gone through an aau coach to pull him away. now, that horned frog is gone the coach is having direct contact.

    imo, both parties have slime. i dont believe nc state is clean one bit and i believe martin should just let by gones be bygones.

  18. So, let me get this straight, Frank Martin is restricting a player from transferring to NCState because a former South Carolina assistant is there who may have been talking to this kid for some time about his future. I would hope he was talking to him, he was one of his coaches! And because of that it should be considered ‘tampering’ and not allowed even though it is to a school in another conference that is not on the Gamecocks schedule?
    Now Frank Martin himself, while on K-State’s payroll, was out recruiting at the same time he was pursuing the South Carolina job and is now recruiting those same players for the Gamecocks. No ‘conflict’ or ‘tampering’ with that?

  19. froggiemlm says:

    So how is this different then what Bo Ryan is doing to the kid in Wisconsin? Bo blocked a kid from going to the ACC, B10 ISU and Marquette.

  20. Brian West says:

    There are reports that Martin would prefer to grant Harris a transfer anywhere. So I wouldn’t blame the coach on this one.

    He’s not the one making the decision.

  21. tyler kring says:

    Funny that the USC fans are surprised by this. As a KU fan I am not at all. Frank is stubborn and rightfully so most likely, he is teaching the kid a lesson and making him a better man for it. And two AAU or high school coaches are not gonna ruin your recruiting. Let Frank do his thing, give him a chance.

  22. Gamecocks, you will all see first hand the kind of crap Martin is capable of! He will have every kids confidence beat to a pulp before they play their first game! You see the fact of the matter is Martin was about to lose 5 kids to a transfer if he returned as head coach! Long story short this is fact not rumor! And it was just proven this week by each and every one of Franks former players at KSU have declared they are staying to play for coach Weber! Martin constantly insulted kids, called them names like MF, Fing A hole, Fing coward and piece of sh*t! I am a 7 year season ticket holder and sit row 7 and have heard it all! Glad Frank is gone! I hope he changes his ways for USC!