November 28, 2015

Bruce Ellington speaks after returning to football (AUDIO)

Bruce Ellington is preparing to play both football and basketball again this season

By: Rixon Lane

Bruce Ellington’s decision to play only basketball didn’t last long. Ellington decided to split his time again this season between the football and basketball teams after basketball head coach Darrin Horn was fired and Frank Martin was hired from Kansas State.

Ellington said that his talks with Martin were positive and that Martin encouraged him to do whatever he wanted to. According to Ellington, he will workout with the basketball team over the summer and return to the hardwood once the footbal season ends.

The basketball team may look different when he returns, as it appears that Demontre Harris and Anthony Gill may be transferring from the program. Ellington said he spoke with both Gill and Harris and encouraged them to stay.

While the turnover in the basketball coaching staff caused him to briefly consider leaving USC, Ellington said the fact that he’s “a die-hard Gamecock fan” made it impossible for him to leave Columbia.

On the gridiron, Ellington said he will accept whatever role is given to him this season, whether it is strictly at wide receiver or in a Wildcat package.

AUDIO:  Bruce Ellington [3:01]

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