December 1, 2015

James Davis takes shots at Clemson’s Dabo Swinney via Twitter

Former Clemson running back James Davis was not happy when he received a text message from Tigers coach Dabo Swinney Sunday informing him that his brother, Mike Davis, should not take a visit to Clemson next weekend.  Davis called Swinney arrogant and questioned why Swinney would send him a text message instead of calling.

You can click on the image to the right to see  a portion JD’s reaction to Swinney’s text as well as the reaction of at least one other former Clemson player.  You can follow him @only1JamesDavis.

James Davis was a star at Clemson under former coach Tommy Bowden.  Swinney was an assistant during his career.  Davis’ younger brother Mike is committed to USC, but was planning on taking a visit to Clemson next weekend.  He said today he no longer plans on taking that visit.

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  1. Maybe young mike should just make a visit to Carolina and let clemson stew in its own juices they have earned it