November 27, 2015

Violation? Flier features USC’s Jadeveon Clowney and C.C. Whitock

USC freshman defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and senior corner back C.C. Whitlock are featured on a flier promoting a Christmas Eve party at a Rock Hill night club. The party is called “Carolina Christmas” and takes place at Club Cascades on December 24th.  According to the flier, it is free to get in until 11:00.

 Party promoter Justin Ford confirmed this afternoon that the flier is real and that both players gave their permission to be featured in it.

These fliers have been in the headlines lately because of the potential NCAA issues they can create. Ford said that he is aware of the recent cases such as the one involving Clemson reciever Sammy Watkins, but he doesn’t think it is a problem here.

“It’s like a family thing,” Ford said. “The person that set it up is cousins with C.C.. They from the Rock Hill area. They might not even come. They said they might not be able to make it. Everything is legit, because they family.”

The flier list Clowney and Whitlock as host of the event, a detail Ford admits isn’t completely accurate.

“It was just to make the whole situation look bigger than it is. They are not guaranteed to host. If they come they come, it not we okay. We said we just want to put ya’ll on the flier. They might not even come through.”

Ford said neither player is being compensated for appearing on the flier or making an appearance at the club. He said Clowney, who is not 21, will not to be permitted to drink alcohol should he attend.

USC spokesman Steve Fink told us they are aware of the flier and they are investigating.

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  1. Mark Goldstein says:

    This is definitely making a mountain our of a mole hill. Just because their picture is on the flyer doesn’t make them guilty of any violation of ncaa rules. The picture is used to draw in customers and so what. Someone needs to give the ncaa board a big kick in the caboose if you get my drift. Someone is trying to stir up trouble when there is nothing to stir up. Go check out other schools that are doing much worse things like Ohio State and Penn State, etc. USC is fine without this kind of BS taking place.

  2. Not Mark Goldstein says:

    They’re using AMATEUR athletes to promote an vent where someone makes money. Against NCAA bylaws. Look for the two athletes to get into some sort of trouble over it. Maybe not as big as a game suspension, but maybe doing community service or SOMETHING to discipline them. Either that or the proceeds from the event go to a non-profit. Either way, someone will get into trouble.

    Good job Whitlock and Clowney. You know the rules and you don’t think they apply to you. Guess what? They do. I hope Spurrier drops the hammer on you. Both of you deserve it.

  3. Thats not even real, I saw the exact same poster 2 weeks agp with Sammy Watkins on it.

  4. Phil Cornpoot says:

    Didnt even know Clowney was even 21 and able to be “up in da club”..Did you Kmac?

  5. Phil Cornpoot says:

    KMAC??? Why they call him Doo Doo?

  6. Michael Richey says:

    Who is setting these players up. I hope you know that what goes around comes right back around Clemson hater and any other school out there hating on the Gamecocks!

  7. Phil Cornpoot says:

    Thats right Michelle Richey,,we gonna get them taters for this..Whichever one made C.C and Doo doo give premission for this flyer and party will pay (insert Kmac laugh)

  8. Phil Cornpoot says:

    Breaking news ( I assume, I don’t see you reporting on it Kmac??): Two people shot coming to see Doo Doo and CC at the club..