November 27, 2015

Was Stephen Garcia provoked at SEC event?

Stephen Garcia

As more details continue to emerge on the latest Stephen Garcia saga there appears to be more and more evidence that Garcia may have been at least somewhat provoked at the SEC event last week.

From what we were told a portion of the event was on branding and how players should present themselves to the public. Allegedly one of the moderators, or someone affiliated with the event, used Garcia as an example of how not to brand yourself. Garcia apparently took exception to this leading to the loud confrontation that ultimately led to him being asked to leave the event.

So, what does all this mean? It certainly does not excuse Garcia for his behavior and the fact he admitted he was drinking before the event doesn’t help his case. It also didn’t help that Garcia was just coming off a suspension and fair or unfair your past always follows you.

According to a source close to Garcia, the fifth year senior quarterback has been walking around with a chip on his shoulder for a while. He’s resented the fact that his past is always brought up and feels like he often gets singled out as the bad apple. For example, he wasn’t the only one in that hotel room in Atlanta. Also, the public criticism Steve Spurrier and the pressure of being the quarterback at a major football school were also eating at him.

The same source said as a way to cope with these stresses Garcia turned to alcohol as a release. It is no coincidence that alcohol has been a factor four of his five suspensions. We noted on this

Again, this by no means excuses Garcia for any of his transgressions, including this most recent one. He is not a kid anymore. He’s a 23 year-old. He has a four year old kid. Garcia’s self destructive behavior has created these problems.

However, there are two sides to every story and there are signs Garcia wasn’t the only one that acted inappropriately at this event. Garcia, to his credit is seeking help for the problems that have plagued throughout his career. He’s also been suspended. If in fact there was someone from the SEC or an administrator at this event that provoked Garcia, he too should face some discipline.

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  1. Brian Petit says:

    If any of the reports can be believed, Garcia was also not the only one that had been drinking prior to the event. Several teammates had come from Kyle Nunn’s birthday party. No doubt Garcia can’t be hurt by receiving counseling. However, in my opinion,
    having an SEC representative make anybody an example in front of their peers is as
    unprofessional as you can get. Garcia obviously made a mistake, but if all of the publicity
    generated over this sprang from Garcia defending himself then there’s several people whose judgment needs to be called into question.

  2. Tommy Evans says:

    The person running the event was wrong in pointing out Garcia, but Garcia proved him right but the way he reacted. As for Garcia being upset by how people are treating him, the only one at fault is Garcia. A person who has been suspended 5 times, twice in Spring practice really has nothing to stand on. He just needs to grow up and become a man, and all of the excuses from fans because he can play is not helping the situation. If he was rubbed the wrong way there is a way to handle things, and it is obvious Mr. Garcia still does not know that way yet.

  3. chuck owens says:

    I just hope garcia gets to come back soon we need him.hes one of the best qbs weve ever had hes are best chance to win.

  4. I was at this event. You guys don’t know what you are talking about. The dude basically called Garcia out, well not basically, he did call him out. He said, “you can be like Tim Tebow, or Stephen Garcia, who would you rather be labeled as”

    Stephen didn’t do anything wrong, this is a bunch of crap. Every single person would of taken up for themselves especially being called out in front of friends and teammates.

    Thats all I got to say. Stephen will be back on our team soon.

    GC Love.


  5. It must be nice to be so perfect. If I was singled out like that by someone I would have reacted the same way. He was suspended the first week of spring for something that happened months before (staying out past his curfew oh no the devil). The worse thing he has done is key a car. I think the taters have someone on there team that beat there girlfriend and he just graduated. Grow up this is ridiculous. The fact this is still getting publicity is pathetic.

  6. “I would have done the same if I were called out.” That’s just it though – it WASN’T u and it wasn’t me. It was Garcia, a guy who by his public comments a few weeks ago should have been chastened and humbled. Did he lie when he said he had no one to blame but himself? Apparently so, if he is walking around with a chip on his shoulder. Unless something changes, Garcia will go the way of Derek Watson and be the train wreck that everyone (except himself) saw coming.

  7. frank hartman says:

    The pre-frontal cortex of the human brain is not fully developed until
    around 25 in an adult male. The pre-frontal cortex is the seat of good manners and the center of all judgment and consequential thought processes. It is no wonder Garcia is having some issues. He will go down as one of the greatest ever in my book.