November 24, 2015

Marcus Lattimore now a legit Heisman candidate

Marcus Lattimore is becoming a household name in college football

Could Marcus Lattimore become the second USC running back to win the Heisman Trophy? It is a question that is being tossed around quite a bit these days. 

Obviously he’s not going to win it this year.  Even if Cam Newton is thrown out of the race, Lattimore hasn’t done enough and the Gamecocks haven’t won enough for him to win it this year.  But would two strong games to close out the year and a big showing in the SEC title game be enough to get him an invite the ceremony?


Lattimore has surged into the top 10 in the latest Stiff Arm Trophy poll, which is comprised of about 60 of the over 900 Heisman voters.  That’s a pretty solid indication Lattimore’s big game against Florida along with his other big ones against Georgia and Tennessee have caught the attention of voters across the country.

If Lattimore stays healthy and puts together solid games against Troy and Clemson he will have a chance to showcase his abilities at the SEC Championship, one of the biggest stages in college football.  Many people will be watching Lattimore play for the first time.  It is one thing to read about a kid rushing for 211 yards.  It is another to actually witness it.

The Heisman Trophy ballots were mailed out this week, but they aren’t due back until the day after the conference championships.  Many voters, me included, like to wait until after the title games to vote.  Even voters that normally don’t wait could put off voting a little longer this year to see what, if anything, becomes of Cam Newton.

Think about how many people will be watching the SEC title game next month, especially if this Newton thing hasn’t been resolved by then.  If Lattimore could put together a 100 plus yard rushing performance and help the Gamecocks spring an upset a lot of voters would get to see it.   

Right now Lattimore isn’t in my top three.  However, if he were to put together a solid finish to the regular season and help lead the Gamecocks to their first ever SEC Championship it would be hard for me to leave him off my ballot.  I’m sure a lot of voters would agree.

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